Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia – future hits, available now!

Dua Lipa is back with an album of disco dance floor hits on Future Nostalgia.

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This article was published on April 6th, 2020

Oh, the irony. Dua Lipa has released an album of disco dance floor bangers while the world is in lockdown. On the surface, it feels particularly cruel to do this to the gays. Future Nostalgia is jam packed full of bops, but the bars are closed. 

However, Dua’s intentions were not malicious – in fact, it’s the exact opposite – by bringing the release date of the album forward, she brings some much-needed positive energy to the world at a time when we need it. Your move, Lady Gaga.

In a sign of the times, Dua recently performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden via videoconference – complete with musicians, back up vocalists and dancers, each contributing a piece of the puzzle from their respective homes, like a geographically distant orchestra. The format actually worked surprisingly well, and if anything, showcased Dua’s natural singing talent.

So, while we’re contemplating what the future holds, Dua reminds us with Future Nostalgia that we’ll be dancing together again soon.

From the title track Future Nostalgia, to Don’t Stop Now and her latest single Break My Heart, Dua Lipa is out to prove that she’s a pop star on the rise. It’s hard to believe that she only burst onto the scene in 2015. Indeed, she has already achieved some career-defining meteoric successes, and she’s clocked up some impressive stats in her few short years in the spotlight. Her debut is the most streamed album on Spotify by a female artist. Her mantlepiece is adorned with Grammys and BRIT awards, unless of course, she chooses to keep them somewhere else. She’s also credited with some impressive streaming figures, already up to one billion views and counting of her video for New Rules. 

While in quarantine, it’s well worth watching her impressive back catalogue of music videos, which are a visual feast. Dua has released a new monochromatic rainbow color wheel of a film clip, as well as a tongue in cheek workout video to accompany her song Physical. Feel free to pull up your leg warmers and dance along if your gym happens to be closed. No word yet on whether a mash up with Olivia Newton John is in the works.

Her tracks are catchy earworms which draw you in at first listen, and have you humming along in a few short minutes. Throughout the album there are a few unexpected and pleasant surprises. Listen out for witty turns of phrase and a throwback to the 90’s when she samples the hook from White Town’s Your Woman on Love Again. It’s pure, joyous pop, and it’s so refreshing. Dua promises, and she delivers, singing “You want what now looks like? Let me give you a taste.”

The silver lining to postponing her tour UK and European tour dates is that there’s a whole year to learn her lyrics, and dance routines, before Dua’s 2021 tour travels to a city near you – if you’re lucky. With her new album Future Nostalgia, it’s evident that Dua Lipa’s future is bright. 

Download, stream or pick up a copy of Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia now, where all good music is sold!

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