Ways your relationship can survive social distancing

If your relationship can’t survive social distancing due to self-isolation, is it meant to last?

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This article was published on April 8th, 2020

Physical chemistry – it’s undeniable when you feel it and such an important part of a romantic relationship. Indeed, if you subscribe to the popular theory that there are five languages of love, Physical Touch is right up there as one of the fundamental ways to show you care.

But with social distancing becoming the new norm, what does this mean for dating or maintaining a budding relationship? If you aren’t living together, you’re faced with a tough choice, to either break quarantine for some intimacy, or forego all touching – of each other, and especially your face. It’s easier said than done.

If you’re essentially forced into a long-distance relationship within the same city, the same struggles and opportunities apply. True, you can’t be in the same room. But no need to be jealous – your partner can’t be in the same room with anyone else either. Also, phone sex. The popularity of video conferencing is on the rise, but make sure you maintain safe sex practices – lock the door and delete those videos when you’re done with them. 

If you’re still struggling, think about the other languages of love. They might sound super sentimental, but they might also work. 

You could consider spending Quality Time. We all have time on our hands right now. Be thoughtful about how you can date via technology. Schedule FaceTime dates.

Another alternative is Acts of Service. In other words, supply food. While cooking for your loved one is off the cards, as long as delivery services are running, you can outsource the heavy lifting, literally. 

You can also show your love with Gift Giving. If you can’t touch each other, send a sex toy in the mail. Who wouldn’t want to receive that sort of surprise package? But maybe give a heads up for your lover to open in private, to avoid any potential awkwardness, especially if they have moved home to ride out this storm. 

If you’re trying to save your pennies right now, the final option is the cheapest. Words of Affirmation are free, and it’s what we all want, deep down. Just give compliments.

We’re facing a global pandemic of unprecedented scale, so it’s good to keep things in perspective. Love blooms and fades, and sometimes if you’re lucky, it lasts. Maybe social distancing will spell the end of your relationship, and maybe that was inevitable anyway. So, your health should be your number one priority right now, as well as maintaining the health of others around you. 

Be socially responsible, maintain social distancing, and take this unique moment in time as an opportunity to get to know your partner better. It might not sound as sexy, but listening to the needs of your partner now might be the thing that makes your eventual reunion all the sweeter in future.

What tips do you have for people who are dating, but not able to meet in person because of physical distancing, self-isolation, or shelter-in-place rules? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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