Virtual Drag Show: West Coast edition airs this Monday

Watch the West Coast edition of the Virtual Drag Show on Monday, April 13 at 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST).

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This article was published on April 11th, 2020

Mark your calendars and prepare your wallets; the drag show is going virtual, and for a good cause. Over 20 drag artists of British-Columbia, hosted by drag artist Mina Mercury, will be hosting the West Coast Edition of the virtual drag show fundraiser called Virtual Drag SHow | Drag Show Virtuel. The event is scheduled for Monday, April 13th, 2020, at 6 PM (Pacific Time) and 9 PM (Eastern Time).

Mina will be hosting a diverse group of drag artists from Victoria, Kelowna, and the Greater Vancouver Area. It’ll also feature surprise appearances from International drag superstars to be announced soon.

What is the Virtual Drag Show?

The “Virtual Drag show | Drag Show Virtuel ” is the brainchild of Rita Baga, started and created in Montreal. It’s a collective of drag performances in the style of a music video recorded from home. It can also be a performance recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists try to capture the energy of a live show through a mix of live and pre-recorded clips.

Working on the principle of a “telethon,” the audience is welcome to make donations on a Go Fund Me account. Drag artists then share income equally in solidarity of the community.

Currently, virtual performances represent the only income for local drag artists. To date, the Virtual Drag Show | Drag Show Virtuel has aired from Paris(France), Montreal, and Quebec City, and raised over $20,000 in revenues for artists involved.

As quarantine bites, virtual drag shows have become commonplace. Artists are looking for alternative income sources while keeping the fan base entertained. Watching a virtual drag show sure beats sitting at home watching TV.

Drag artists performances in the Virtual Drag Show

Some of the drag artists joining hostess Mina Mercury for the fabulous virtual drag show include

Carrie Dawn (Fraser Valley), Eddi Licious (Victoria), Miss Gay Vancouver Fancy Pants (Vancouver), Freida Whales (Kelowna), Gloria Hole (Vancouver), Henrietta Dubet (Victoria), Homo Hardware (Vancouver), Isabella (Vancouver), Ilona Verley (Vancouver) Jerrilynn Spears (Vancouver), Jo Duree (Vancouver), Karmella Barr (Vancouver), Empress 49 Kendall Gender (Vancouver), Mila Dramatic (Vancouver), Miss Understood (Vancouver), Persi Flage (Victoria), Quanah Style (Vancouver), Rita Baga (Montreal), Shay Dior (Vancouver), Empress 45 Sienna Blaze (Vancouver), and Vivian Vanderpuss (Victoria).

Why the Virtual Drag Show?

COVID-19, a novel coronavirus, has been ravaging the world. In its wake are the complete disruption of business and social lives as we’ve known them.

The pandemic has caused a total upheaval for drag performers across the world. Drag, by its nature, is a live industry. A performer’s success and income depend on their potential tours, weekly shows, and tips from patrons.

With bars closed, and venues shut in most major cities, performers who’ve depended on live performances, must find creative ways to support themselves and their communities.

The Virtual Drag Show is an innovative way to keep artists and the fans engaged while remaining safe. You get to see some of your favorites, and international drag artists perform from your home’s comfort. It’s also a great way to stand in solidarity with the community.

Don’t miss the queens on Monday, April 13, 2020 at 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST). You can follow the show on Mina Mercury’s YouTube channel. To get more information on the Virtual Drag Show | Drag Show Virtuel, or the link to donate, visit Mina Mercury’s website, or follow on Mina Mercury’s Facebook page account here.

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