The changing faces of Theo Tams in The Last Song

Theo Tams questions all the ways a relationship can crumble on his latest single The Last Song.

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This article was published on May 4th, 2020

Luckily for those who are unlucky in love, queer singer songwriter Theo Tams has just released his latest single and a charming music video for The Last Song.

If you haven’t heard of Theo Tams, he shot to fame on the last season of Canadian Idol, ultimately snatching the trophy and being crowned the winner. While his Idol audition video sees him drenched in sweat, quite literally, Tams’ talent was undeniable from the very first note he hit.

Hailing from the small town of Coaldale, Alberta, Tams got his singing start in church before riding the rollercoaster of reality television. His nerves seem to have disappeared over the years, and with his latest music projects Tams’ has admitted that he has finally given himself permission to breathe, artistically and in life.

Freedom and self-expression are themes which Theo explores in the music video for The Last Song too. While singing about the end of a relationship, Tams transforms into a variety of characters. From fully bearded to baby faced, and an array of colorful personalities along the way, Tams’ Instagram gives a hint as to his creative motivations during video production. Each costume change represents a way that Tams could have loved differently—he could have been smarter, he could have been more chill, he could have been more fun-loving. Tams paints a series of regrets on his face.

It’s obvious that Tams has made a conscious choice to show the many different sides of his personality, and to do so without fear. It’s almost an act of surrender, letting go of self-restraints about masculinity as well as his past behavior. Tams plays with gender bending makeup, through to a full face of drag, and the effect is to break down the walls which we all put up. It’s an acknowledgement of the efforts we all make to change ourselves in order to please others. 

Reckoning with his chameleon-like identity is what initially inspired Tams to write in the first place. Being a young gay man and grappling with his sexuality led to themes of questioning himself. Now, Tams is living his truth, and his latest songs have been far more explicit in dealing with love and loss, as well as issues which heterosexual and same-sex relationships share.

As a vocalist and pianist, Tams certainly has the skill to captivate. It’s the release which Tams expresses in The Last Song which gives the track it’s cathartic, healing power. While breakups are tough, often music is the antidote. With emotion and an introspective honesty, Tams gives himself permission to let go.

The Last Song is the final track from Theo Tams’ 2018 album, Call The Doctor. So, look it up, and add The Last Song to your next playlist dedicated to heartbreak and tear jerkers. It might be the song which speaks to you when you next need the courage to forgive yourself and embrace an inevitable change in your life.

Listen to “The Last Song” now: Spotify | YouTube | iTunes

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