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Bringing the fun, and mind blowing entertainment online to support drag performers in British Columbia.

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This article was published on May 5th, 2020

Mark your calendars and get ready for a show of your life. The Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada is set for Monday, May 18, which is Canada’s Victoria Day long weekend, from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST | 9:00 pm – 12:00 am EST.

Today, HomoCulture is proud to make the exclusive announcement about the Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada. The event brings together talented artists, performers, and special guests for a three-hour virtual drag show featuring legendary drag queens, kings, and queers from across the West Coast.

The legendary Vancouver drag star, Mina Mercury, hosts the show that has also aired in Montreal, Quebec City, Paris, and Vancouver and raised over CAD 25,000 for the artists.

This is the second time the show is being performed from Vancouver and highlighting drag performers from across British Columbia.

What is the Virtual Drag Show | Drag Show Virtuel?

Founded and created by the creative, dynamic, and innovative Rita Baga, Montreal drag queen, the show is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has grounded events which are the main income-earner for drag performers.

Show format

The show uses pre-recorded drag performances created by each drag queen specifically for this show. Each video is filmed respecting local guidance by the Provincial Health Officer and respecting social distancing measures.

These are full drag performances, incorporating the make-up, wigs, costumes, songs, and choreography you get in a live show. Each act is performed in a unique location – from parks to parking lots, living rooms to empty bar lounges – and packaged into a full drag performance music video! It’s like watching MTV, but for drag!

The host – Mina Mercury

Mina Mercury is a gem in the Vancouver drag scene. Over the past 25 years, Mina has toured and performed at bars, night clubs, and Pride events across Canada. She is best known for her incredible impersonations of Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Pink, Michael Jackson, David Bowie & Pee-Wee Herman. She also has many characters under her repertoire, including Cruella Deville and Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous. Mina Mercury has hosted many events throughout the years, and famously co-hosted Madonna’s Rebel Heart VIP party.

Performers at the upcoming Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada 

The Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada will feature the following drag queens from across British Columbia.

Jaylene Tyme, Vancouver

Jaylene is an amazing two spirit trans drag artist who brings out the best when it comes to celebrity impersonation. A past empress of Vancouver, Jaylene is an incredibly skilled makeup artist, and it truly shines through in all her work. The attention to detail is seen with her characters such as Cher, Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton & Mariah Carey.

Jaylene hosts Legends every Sunday night, where old school glamour and world-class impersonation collides! @jaylenetyme

Freida Whales, Kelowna

The comedy queen from Kelowna, The Okanagan Orca! Freida Whales has been active in the Kelowna Drag scene hosting Whale Wednesdays Karaoke and Storytimes at the local library.

She is not only an incredibly talented and funny Drag Queen but also an entrepreneur! Yes, Freida has created an incredible drag experience for Kelowna tourists and locals.

Drag Queen Wine Tours takes guests on a tour of some of the most incredible Okanagan vineyards with Freida Whales as the tour guide. If wine tours aren’t your thing, she hosts drag cruises on the Okanagan Lake in the summer. | @freidawhales

Shay Dior, Vancouver

As Mother of the House Of Rice, Shay has led an incredible drag career in Vancouver. The House Of Rice is a stunning and creative family chock-full of the most fantastic talent, leaving no question as to why this queen is the Mother Of The House.

Shay’s drag is visually stunning and leaves you with such a magical feeling.

She is also the curator of Rice cake, a fantastic queer and Asian dance party in Vancouver. @thatshaydior

Chaz Avery, Victoria

Chaz is one of Victoria’s leading men! This amazing Drag King Artist is not only the producer of King Flare, Victoria premier Drag King night, and queer folks & friends dance party.

They are also the owner and managers of EP Promotions. When this iconic king hits the stage, you’re in for the ride of your life.

He will always leave you wanting more.| @chaz.avery

Homo Hardware, Vancouver

Most dads are grumpy, emotionally distant, and aggressively heterosexual, but with Homo Hardware that couldn’t be “father” from the truth. They are your corny and horny, sexually liberated, non-binary dad in drag who’s always down to have a little pun.

When this absolutely incredible Drag King illusionist isn’t in lockdown, they are the co-producer of Big Dick Energy: Vancouver’s All Drag Kings and Things Show.

Homo says: stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands’ kiddos! | @homo.hardware

Kendall Gender, Vancouver

The reigning DMS monarch, Empress 49 Kendall Gender, is one of Vancouver’s top drag queens who are kind, incredibly driven, and inspired. As an original and iconic member of the Brat Pack Thursday’s cast, this superstar brings her incredible sense of style and energetic moving performances to the forefront.

Kendall also works alongside Fairmont Hotels as their LGBTQ2+ ambassador.

In 2017 Kendall was crowned the winner of Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar, a very fitting and well-deserved honor. | @kendallgender

Jo Durée, Vancouver

Jo Duree (Dur-Ray) is an extremely talented queen in Vancouver. She is stunning and glamorous yet dark and slightly mysterious. Her talents with a makeup brush are absolutely incredible and visually stunning.

Jo is a creator and stylist, making many of her own costumes and accessories. Known for her beautiful work with unique nails and crowns, she can turn a number, a look, and create a masterpiece.

Jo is a staple queen in Vancouver and a force to reckon with. @bbjoduree

Sienna Blaze, Vancouver

A past DMS Monarch of Vancouver, Empress 45 Sienna Blaze, is a triple drag threat! She can act, sing, and dance, which makes her undeniably one of Vancouver’s most incredible drag queens.

Her passion for community and reaching out makes her a significant advocate for fundraisers in Vancouver.

From Dance to comedy to emotional ballads and great audience interactions, you never know what a Sienna Blaze Show will hold. @mrmissblaze

Karmella Barr, Vancouver

Vancouver’s very own chocolate queen has been doing drag in and around Vancouver for more than five years.

Karmella is an incredibly personable queen known for the amazing balance of emotion and glamour that she brings to her performances on the stage, which earned her the title Miss congeniality in 2016 and then eventually Miss Cobalt 6.

Karmella is so excited to share her art with you for The Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada and hopes that you all stay happy and healthy!

Boi Idol, Victoria

Straight from the haus of la boo, this incredible non-binary artist is always ready to bring you a show.

Whether it’s Marilyn Manson or Lady Gaga, to an excellent ole Kate Bush or Blondie track, Boi is impressive to watch on stage.

With their incredible makeup skills, Boi brings you a stunning, hairy-chested being, which is sure to leave you hungry for more of their masculine meets feminine 1980s inspired femme monsieur! @boi_idol

Henrietta Dubét, Victoria

Another of our incredible Victoria BC Drag artists! Ms. Gay Vancouver Island 2016 Henrietta Dubet is the self-proclaimed “Queen Of The People,” “The Princess Diana Of Drag”!

Her incredible creations with makeup are nothing short of artistically surprising and brought together through performance.

It’s a spectacle to see. @henriettadubet

Jerrilynn Spears, Vancouver

The comedy queen, Jerrilynn, is known as Vancouver’s thickest, juiciest and messiest 6-foot queen with the most hilarious and creative performances.

This fantastically personable and incredibly funny queen with her trademark overdrawn lips is a force to reckon with from the heart of the west end to the incredible drag scene in east Vancouver. @justiceforjerri

7 PM Cheer: Celebrating health workers

The show will have an interactive break at 7:00 PM PST to salute and celebrate healthcare workers in the frontline.

The 7 PM Cheer is a nightly tradition in downtown Vancouver, where residents clap, whoop, whistle, bang pots and pans, sound-off air horns, and cheer to show their support and to say thank you for those who have to go to work, while we stay home for them.

The time coincides with shift change for health-care workers at St. Paul’s Hospital in the heart of downtown Vancouver. During the Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada, if you live downtown Vancouver, there will be a break so you can continue to participate in the cheer from your home, patio, deck, balcony or window, just as we typically do every night. For those who are not in downtown Vancouver, you can watch the action happening live via the broadcast.

Come one, come all

You can attend the show (and greatly encouraged to), through Mina Mercury’s YouTube channel. Also, join the event’s Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest event announcements. Mark if you are Interested or Going. Make it an evening of fun by inviting your friends to join in too.

On the evening of the event, please login 5 minutes before the show begins (at 5:55 pm PST | 8:55 pm EST). Have your cocktail ready, turn up the volume, and be prepared to have a mind-blowing experience.

Just the tip

Just like live drag shows, these talented artists rely on tips from the audience. The Virtual Drag Show operates in a telethon-style principle where the audience is welcomed to tip the performers through the Go Fund Me account. 100% of the money tipped from the event will be equally divided and distributed to the performers. Have your credit card ready when you join the show.

See you there!


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