11 additional performers announced for the Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada [HomoCulture exclusive story]

The incredible drag queens, kings and queers set to slay the stage at the Virtual Drag Show - West Coast Canada on Monday, May 18.

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This article was published on May 10th, 2020

The Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada brings together BC performers for one of the most incredible free-to-attend, virtual drag show you could ever imagine. The online event will cap-off the Victoria Day long weekend on Monday, May 18 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm PST | 9:00 pm – 12:00 am EST. This unique event offers a platform for the performers and will help raise funds for these bold and elegant artists of the queer community.

Virtual Drag Show format

Hosted by the renowned Vancouver drag star Mina Mercury, the show will feature five sets of pre-recorded, drag performances by drag queens, kings, and queens of the BC drag community, that were created, recorded, and produced specifically for this event. 

Each performance will be creative and exciting, full drag experiences. They incorporate everything you’d get in a live show, including costumes, makeup, wigs, songs, and choreography. These video montages are filmed in unique locations including parks, parking lots, living rooms, empty bar lounges; all respecting local social distancing guidelines and measures.

This event is free to attend and will stream live on Mina Mercury’s YouTube Channel. Please log in at least 10 mins early before the show starts.

Performers at BC Virtual Drag Show

In addition to the first 12 performers announced last week, today, HomoCulture is proud to exclusively announce the list of additional drag artists at the upcoming Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada.

Without further ado, here are the drag queens, kings, and queers from across the West Coast slated to perform: 

Gia Metric (Vancouver)

One of Vancouver’s fashion queens and winner of Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar 2018, Gia is an absolutely stellar drag artist. From her makeup skills to head-turning stunning looks. You can be sure that she will kill every performance on any stage. That’s why she took the title of Vancouver’s Entertainer of the year 2016! Gia is also a member of the incredible Brat Pack. Instagram: @gia.metric

Carrie Dawn (Fraser Valley)

THE Carrie Dawn, as she is called on social media, is a queen after my heart. Not only is she incredibly kind and personable, but she also exudes a pure passion for impersonation and character. From her very first and most spectacular character, Britney Spears to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, you can be sure that when THE Carrie Dawn hits the stage, your mind will be blown. Instagram: @thecarriedawn

Miss Understood (Vancouver)

The fierce fire queen of Vancouver, Miss Understood, is an amazing, colorful, yet dark drag artist who brings you the best of both worlds. This ring leader host of Drag Me To Hell is nothing short of a spectacle! Her love for rock and metal music, combined with an incredible talent for stunning makeup, and passion for the art of drag is guaranteed to bring down the house. Instagram: @missunderstood89

Vivian Vanderpuss  (Victoria)

Featured on CBC’s Canada, a Drag television program, Vivian is a brilliant makeup artist and creator! Her amazing illusions take on all different forms, from animal inspirations to androgyny, masculinity, and feminism. Her face is a living blank canvas that she creates great masterpieces upon. Take a crazy journey through the many faces of the gorgeous Vivian. Instagram @infinite_cats

Eddi Licious (Victoria)

This amazing two-spirit triple threat drag artist has been featured on the CBC’s Canada’s a Drag television program! As one of Victoria’s drag artists, this former Mr. Gay Vancouver Island is an amalgamation of deep thoughts, primal urges, weirdness, and whimsy. He is passionate about experimenting with makeup and movement to spread his gender fluidity to all corners of the community. Instagram: @eddi.licious

Mila Dramatic (Vancouver)

Truly the Dancing queen among us all. As a professional dancer, musician & drag artist Mila Dramatic is known for her incredibly creative and artistically choreographed performances. She is also the very well-deserved winner of Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar 2016. You can currently experience Mila’s incredible creations through her “Daily Look” for her COVID-19 series on Instagram: @miladramatic

Persi Flage (Victoria)

As a former Mr. Gay Vancouver Island, Persi Flage is a compulsive maker, femme drag king dancing awkwardly to impress us all! This Victoria BC Drag King extraordinaire brings the most incredible artistically visual performances to any stage. Persi is a host on Outlook TV on OUTTV that brings you the stories that matter most from coast to coast. They are also the manager for the Staches and Lashes Collective, an incredible group of beautiful and talented drag performers in Victoria. The latter host queer artist events with a focus on LGTBQ2+ kids and youth programming. Instagram:@Persi.Flage

Eva Scarlett (Vancouver)

One of the newest members to Brat Pack Thursdays at The Junction Pub, Eva is a fantastic Drag Artist with incredibly stunning looks. Her skills in makeup artistry and attention the little details create the most stunning looks on any stage. Eva has come through as a strong competitor in the Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar competition and on the It’s Just Drag stage. Trust me; this queen will leave you wanting more. Instagram: @evascarlettxo

Flaming Wok (Vancouver)

This stunningly delicious queen will leave you craving for more. She channels the inner spirit that makes people dance & sing in the shower! Newer to the Vancouver drag scene, Flaming Wok is our very own muscle queen! With a body that’s been sculpted in the gym and looks that will make you crawl back for seconds. The incredible Miss Wok has achieved some impressive goals so far in her two years of drag, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this shining Drag star! Instagram: @flaming_wok

Isabella (Vancouver)

A smashingly glamorous girl inspired by the 1930’s cabaret Berlin chique. Isabella is just that and more. As one of Vancouver’s latest queens to compete in Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar competition, she’s shown through as an extraordinary talent with makeup, style, and performance. Isabella thrives on the beauty of androgyny and sexuality. This combination makes for incredibly spectacular presentations. Instagram: @isabellaissima

Rogue (Vancouver)

Vancouver’s Entertainer of the Year 2019, Rogue is an absolutely amazing Drag Artist with the most fantastic makeup artistry and creativity. Their illusions will leave you stunned and in love. A member of the Brat Pack Thursday group, they add a unique touch with their masculine meets feminine, neither boy nor girl looks. Created and thought out with such detail and taking influences from different Holidays, Disney characters, and animals, you have to see it to believe it. Instagram: @itsjustrogue

How to participate

Register on the Virtual Drag Show – West Coast Canada Facebook Page by marking as either “Interested” or “Going.” Keep up with all the latest event updates.

Tip the drag queens generously during the show. All tips will be evenly distributed among all the performers after the show.

Now is the time to give, if you can, to support Canadian drag performers. If you can’t, that’s okay too. Bring your friends along and enjoy the show.


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