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Representing the queer Vancouver music scene meet queer artist, Matthew Presidente.

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This article was published on May 11th, 2020

If you’ve attended a queer event in Vancouver in the last 20 years, the chances are pretty high that you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the talents of local musician, Mathew Presidente. He’s a genre defying artist who crosses the lines of pop and rock with a cabaret vibe. He’s also a singer songwriter, who has impressively produced six full length albums, and counting. 

Photo credit: Cale Tian

While Presidente is officially an independent artist, he has also worked with a string of collaborators across the world. Originally hailing from Tsawwassen, Matthew Presidente’s first love was the piano, which he started playing when he was only 10 years old. It wasn’t until 1999 that Matthew officially embraced a life of performing and the thrill of the stage. He’s since picked up a microphone, as well as guitar and percussion skills, and his multi-talented approach is evident in his work.

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Growing up amidst the Vancouver music scene, Matthew found unwavering support. It’s only fitting that he passed this kindness on, and in particular, he’s very active amongst the queer community. Over the years, Matthew has hosted regular standing shows at popular venues like the Dufferin, Number Cabaret and XYYVR. Indeed, he has played the main stage of Vancouver Pride for 12 consecutive years and shows no signs of slowing down. 

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He’s drawn to the creative side of the industry—recording, mixing and producing all of his work. It’s evident that he finds joy in working with others and sharing their talents. Matthew has instigated a World is Watching concert series on YouTube which he produces from his home at a regular streaming timeslot to connect with fans and other performers from around the globe. His shows buzz with a spark of spontaneity, and audiences are drawn into a rollercoaster ride along with Matthew’s cast of creatives. As well as his original songs, Matthew enjoys fine tuning covers of pop classics. So, whether you appreciate the harmonizing of his duets, or his take on Lady Gaga, Matthew will always put on a show with a queer twist. He knows how to please his LGBT fans!

Photo credit: Don MacTavish

From gay ski weeks, to his Berlin Sin series, Matthew’s travels allow him to take his show on the road. But he’s also a regular at Vancouver haunts like The Roxy Cabaret, The Railway Club, The Biltmore and Lana Lou’s. So, whether you are a fan of cabaret, you’re keen to support a local gay performer, or you’re simply a fan of live music, check out Matthew Presidente and show him some love. 

Photo credit: Cale Tian

For friends and fans, he’s also known as Matty Prez, which is handy to remember when you’re looking for his Instagram handle! Don’t forget to tune in to the next performance of World is Watching, or track down some of Matthew’s tunes on Spotify or Apple Music.

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