Quarantine mistakes every gay man will make

Avoid these dreadful quarantine mistakes and emerge from lockdown a healthier and happier you.

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This article was published on May 12th, 2020

There is no doubt, COVID-19 has done a number on us. Who remembers the excitement we had welcoming the new year? January seems like three years ago. For queers – the party people, the lockdown and shelter-in-place guidelines have been extremely difficult. Isolation can make you do crazy things. Here are just some of the dreadful quarantine mistakes you’ll make, or perhaps already have: 

1. Lack of a routine

This is one of the easiest quarantine mistakes to fall into. No work, no goals, no timelines, just lazing around at home doing nothing.

A routine normalizes our lives. Without it, you get lazy and lethargic. Even basic things such as cooking or cleaning your house become problematic.

Solution: Create a routine. Whether you’re working from home or not, establish a normal time to wake up, sleep, work and eat meals. Plan your activities, agenda, and things you must get done.

2. Overeating

From nibbling on snacks to zealously ordering take out, you’re probably doing it right now. Stressful situations lead us to seek comfort foods. It’s the reason why you’re raiding the fridge more often.

While there’s no problem eating for comfort, and to beat isolation, a snack here and takeout there quickly adds up. Worse still, it’s all going to your gut. Working out that tummy will be a struggle. 

Solution: Cook more healthier foods at home. You have all the time. Try out different recipes to spice up your food routine. It might also be a great time to upgrade your cooking skills, or up your cocktail game.

3. Inactivity

No judgement here. We’ve all become binge-watchers of cable news, streaming services or stuck at our laptops working from home. You’re seated more than you’re moving.

While most gay men live and swear by exercise, because you’ve gotta look good, and quarantine has affected everyone’s workout routines.

Solution: You can still work out from home. Exercise and moving your body will help build healthier habits. Try some planks, jumping jacks, burpees, running in place, or check out work at home exercise videos on YouTube. Just stay active.

4. Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol consumption has been up over the past 8 weeks. Most people are consuming more alcohol during quarantine than during normal times. It’s one of the ways we are coping with these unprecedented times.

A glass or two are okay, but binge-drinking or getting totally wasted is not only bad for your health but also affects your body, mind, and weight. It’s one of the most common quarantine mistakes gay men will make.

Solution: Drink in moderation. You’re probably stressed and anxious, it’s understandable. We all are. However, that’s not a blanket reason to get wasted. The last thing you need now, and post quarantine is yet another problem. Also, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

5. Lockdown hookups

The pandemic has been especially tough for single gay men. Cut off from the community, they’ve had to find alternative ways to connect and satisfy sexual desires.

Lockdown hookups are among the most dreadful quarantine mistakes every gay man will make.

The temptation is there, so is the means. Yet that hookup could also expose you to COVID-19 and could potentially lead to additional community spread. Your escapades could also pose a threat to your more vulnerable family and friends, including those with pre-existing conditions.

Solution: If you’re going to hookup, take extra precautions. Wash your hands regularly and wear a facemask. Maintaining social distance is out of the question (obviously), so avoid kissing. Better yet, stick to solo-sessions with your FleshJack, butt plug, dildo, or other toys

6. Cutting and bleaching your hair

Each person reacts differently to stressful situations. Cutting and bleaching your hair might be your style. It’s a popular thing among gay men to signify new beginnings, or change.

Before you go “full Britney” realize that cutting and bleaching your hair might not quell your stress and anxiety. That said, go for it, you’re stuck at home anyway. You’ll have plenty of time to grow the hair back, or style it differently.

We all make mistakes, some more serious than others. Every gay man will or has made some or all of these quarantine mistakes and maybe even more. Despite what’s happening around you, keep sane, remain active, eat healthy and learn something new.


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