Love, Victor is a new spin-off tv show exploring the coming of age

An upcoming gay-themed tv show that explores coming of age, sexual orientation, coming out, etc.

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This article was published on May 18th, 2020

Remember “Love, Simon”? Of course, you do. The scene from the movie where Simon and Bram (aka. Blue) kiss on the Ferris wheel is the stuff of dreams, fantasies, and wet dreams for most teen queers. Adults too. Now, brace yourself for yet another heart-melting gay-themed tv show this summer, “Love, Victor.”

Set to premiere on June 19, 2020, on Hulu, “Love, Victor” is set in the world of the 2018 groundbreaking film “Love, Simon.” The show tells the story of Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School, as he struggles through his orientation, adjusts to a new city, faces challenges at home, and embarks on an exciting journey of self-discovery.

When it all seems too much, Victor reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the rollercoaster that is his high school experience.


Love, Simon forever changed the gay narrative and opened up conversations hitherto whispered in the dark. Love, Victor promises to go even further and to prod us to rethink our gay experiences, especially coming out.

Watching Simon struggle with his sexuality, his search for love, and that final kiss was authentic and tugged at the queer community’s heartstrings, especially those who struggle with coming out. It’s not just his story; it’s the story of every member of the LGBT community.

Coming out, for most people, is never easy. It requires courage and, more importantly, self-acceptance. It’s a unique experience and never the same for everyone. Also, it’s a rite of passage for gay men, and having it taken away isn’t fair.

Both films, in their way, help queers, especially those just discovering their sexuality, to better deal with the struggle. And it’s a struggle. From the moment you realize you like boys, for example, nothing feels certain. At times you even convince yourself (and others) that it’s just a phase and will go away. Until it doesn’t.

It’s a scary thing, especially when you have to go through it alone. With these groundbreaking films and many others, you realize you’re not alone, and neither is your struggle.

Love, Victor – The trailer

If the trailer is anything to go by, prepare for an insightful, poignant, and humorous film that will crack you up and invite you to think about your own coming out experience (or lack thereof.)

From Victor’s shy, almost clumsy demeanor, to the barista’s subtle seduction; he salaciously flicks his hair in the middle of making an espresso, not to mention his blatant seductive lip-smacking.

It’s also hard not to smack our lips when the frothing milk splashes on their chest and spills all over. The whole wiping the milk business was just the cherry on top. Will leave it to your imagination and interpretations.

Watch the trailer:

Cast & Crew

The cast includes some of the best-known names on television. They are:

Cast: Michael Cimino (“Anabelle Comes Home”), Ana Ortiz (“Whiskey Cavalier,” “Ugly Betty”), James Martinez (“One Day at a Time”), Isabella Ferreira (“Orange Is the New Black”),  Mateo Fernandez, Rachel Naomi Hilson (“This Is Us”), Bebe Wood (“The Real O’Neal’s,” “The New Normal”), George Sear (“Will,” “Into the Badlands”), Anthony Turpel (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) and Mason Gooding (“Booksmart”).

Crew: The film’s original writers Isaac Aptaker (“This Is Us”) and Elizabeth Berger (“This Is Us”) serve as executive producers alongside Brian Tanen (“Grand Hotel”), Jason Ensler (“The Passage”), Isaac Klausner (“The Hate U Give”), Marty Bowen (“First Man”), Adam Fishbach (“Narcos”), Wyck Godfrey (“I, Robot”), Pouya Shahbazian (“Divergent”) and Adam Londy. 20th Century Fox Television serves as the studio.

This 10-episode drama/comedy explores Victor’s complex world from his family and friends, to his first crushes and high school life.

“Love, Victor” premiers June 19 – only on Hulu. Stay tuned.

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