Mind-blowing anal orgasms with the Lelo Billy 2 prostate massager

Take anal pleasure and satisfaction matters into your own hands with Lelo's incredible prostate massager

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This article was published on May 21st, 2020

Let’s talk about anal play and pleasure. If he’s hit your male g-spot, then you know how intense and mind-blowing it can be. But come on, neither you nor he can hit the spot perfectly every time. Some days are just meh, and that’s alright. This means you have room to spice your sex life and experience. And what better way than a few choice sex toys such as the Lelo Billy 2 prostate massager. This indefatigable companion will reduce you to jelly.

The Lelo Billy 2 is designed to perfectly hit the spot every time. But what is this spot, and why does it matter?

The prostate, aka. male g-spot

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located a few inches just in front of the rectum. You can feel it by putting a finger inside your rectum and pointing it upwards toward your belly button.

It feels soft, round, and squishy. For the ultimate orgasm – the kind that leaves you spasming to the core with pleasure; this is the area you should focus on. A prostate orgasm is like no other. It engulfs the whole body in a uniquely deep, intense, and shattering experience. Sometimes you get a full ejaculation, and other times it’s dry.

The Lelo Billy 2 prostate massager

Lelo – a leading maker of luxury sex toys – has been at the forefront in designing toys that will blow your mind. The Lelo Billy 2, for example, has been designed with your pleasure in mind. Moreso now during the quarantine period. Without someone to hit that spot, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

This prostate massager is made of soft silicone that makes it easy to slide inside you, even if you have a shy butt that puckers up at the slightest touch. It’s also waterproof. You can take it into the bath, the shower, or even the swimming pool for that extra fun. Plus, what better way to relax after a tough day than in the tub shuddering with pleasure.

Furthermore, the messenger’s soft and comfortable feel makes it especially amazing for beginners. It is also suitable for intermediate users who enjoy intimate, sensual prostate pleasure either solo or with a partner.

It comes at a comfortable insertable length of about 4 inches and a diameter of about 1.1 inches. The size is perfect for even the complete anal pleasure newbies who yearn to explore their nether regions and discover the sweet treasures hidden therein.

The Lelo Billy 2 prostate massager has 8 vibration settings that will give you all kinds of excitement as you explore your prostate. Let that sink in. These 8 shades of pleasure will have you reeling. From the short vibrating bursts to the constant buzz buzz, you’ll be gasping for breath. Simply put, this prostate massager is designed to give you that powerful mind-shattering orgasm.

Unlike other prostate toys, the Lelo Billy 2 is rechargeable. Yes, you don’t have to run looking for batteries in the middle some anal play – total buzzkill. Instead, you can charge it with a standard USB charger. It’s perfect for home use and those trips, whether business or adventure. Pack it into your carry-on and experience the intense pleasure wherever you go.

Forget the annoying toys that disappear into your rectum, necessitating an uncomfortable trip to the proctologist. The Billy 2 won’t disappoint. In fact, with its broad base and ergonomically designed handle, it can’t completely sink into your rectum even with lots of lubricant on your hands.

A higher level of pleasure

You have an amazing body with so many hidden pleasure spots waiting to be explored. You don’t have to wait for someone to do it for you. With your hands, a sex toy, and a little imagination, you can embark on that journey of discovery. And you wouldn’t be alone.

More men are buying sex toys to explore their sexuality and for solo pleasure. Prostate play has been touted to relieve genital pain, ward off prostate cancer, and even help with erectile dysfunction.

Whatever your reason, you can’t go wrong with the Lelo Billy 2 prostate massager. Get yours today.

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