7 fun ways to get past canceled summer travel plans

The fun activities that will make you forget your canceled summer travel plans.

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This article was published on June 21st, 2020

Ordinarily, you’d now be putting the final touches on your elaborate summer travel plans, events, and festivities. Alas, these are not ordinary times. We were chugging along nicely and then boom, Covid19. Life hasn’t been the same since then. Out went Pride events and other activities, travel plans became untenable as countries locked down their borders to control the spread of the pandemic.

Chances are, your summer travel plans of fun adventures, Pride events, and beach vacations haven’t been spared. While it was tough to cancel your travel plans for summer 2020 because of COVID-19 and travel restrictions, here are seven ways you can still have fun and make up for your unexpected change of plans.

Go camping with a bubble of friends

Camping soothes the soul. It’s the antidote to our frenzied, always-connected lives. It’ll allow you time to unwind as you contemplate nature and the specter of the night sky.

When is the last time you, or your friends unplugged and spent time truly connected? A few days and nights in the forest, park, or even the beach will remind you of the simplicity and beauty of life, things we so often take for granted.

It’ll also create some of the best and lasting memories with your cadre of close friends. Carry a tent and some bug-repellent and enjoy nature’s splendor.

Take a road trip to visit family

With most international and some local flights canceled, the road is your next best option. Taking a road trip is a popular bucket list item for most people; this might be a good time to tick off another thing.

Where should you head? Anywhere. Visiting family, for example, or friends in another state or city. The point of the road trip is not so much where you’re headed, as the fun and experiences you have along the way. The sights, scenes, and smell through rural backgrounds and quaint towns.

There’s no better way to enjoy the summer sun than on the road, with the breeze sweeping across your face and hair, and sweet music blaring through the car stereo—the quintessential summer vacation.

Save that cash and plan for an even bigger vacation in 2021

When one door closes, another opens to borrow from an adage. Your canceled summer travel plans don’t have to be a total dud. Save that money and do it bigger and better next year.

It might work in your favor. In times of unprecedented crisis, such as this pandemic period, you need a cash stash to tide you through if things get any worse. Having that money saved, even though earmarked for a vacation gives you some peace of mind.

Here’s a little tip: The anticipation when planning the trip is sometimes more exciting than the real thing. Have a blast imagining all the outrageous ways you’ll enjoy your vacation next year.

Hit the beach (or a few)

The beach. That place where you finally get to unleash your summer body in skimpy speedos to the luscious stares of admiring beachgoers.

It also makes for a fun summer vacation spot with endless activities such as swimming, playing in the sand, building sandcastles, running in the sweltering heat, or just relaxing and watching people.

Grab your sunscreen and a few towels, join up with your crew of friends and hit the beach, or several in different locations as you sample the vibes, and tan those cheeks. Beats staying at home, baking slowly in the heat.

Become a tourist in your hometown

However much you’ve lived in a place, the chances are that you haven’t seen or experienced everything it has to offer. New attractions keep cropping up each day.

Your canceled summer travel plans offer a rare opportunity to become a tourist in your town. You get to see the town or city in a totally different light – as an outsider.

Bring along a friend, or even take a guided tour as a complete tourist. It’s a fun way to explore and learn more about your town’s history.

Hiking and nature walks

Hiking is one of the best and relaxing ways to reconnect with yourself. It combines meditation with exercise in an activity that nourishes both your mind and body.

There’s no better time to get moving than in the summer when the weather is perfect. Start with some local trails or a local state park in your area. You can also go bigger and explore some of the National parks. There’s a whole lot to explore in nature’s beauty.

Spend some time on a lake

Lakes are incredibly relaxing environments. Spending time on the lake, alone, with family or friends will help you reconnect and make lasting memories. The air is cool, crisp and refreshing, and the surroundings quiet.

Rent a floating raft, a boat, and some jet skis and go wild. Bring along some drinks and some snacks and dive off a boat or race across the waters. The lake is also a terrific place to fish if you’re into a more relaxing activity.

We want to hear from you! What are you going to do during the COVID summer 2020? Leave your plans in the comments below.

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