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The styles and classics you need to incorporate into your wardrobe during your Roaring 20s

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This article was published on June 27th, 2020

Welcome to the beginning of adulthood in earnest, your 20s, those first years of true independence from parents and the start of how you make you way in the world. These are the years where you can – and should – be open to experimentation as you transition in the person you are meant to be. The great thing about this stage in your life is that you are expected to fail and falter and still recover from some of these mistakes. When it comes to your style statements, this is your time to seize the best looks that complement your personality and physique the best. HomoCulture is here to serve as your virtual style headquarters to guide you every step of the way from head to toe to keep you fashionably forward. 

The Trial of Style

Of course, your 20s are the time to experiment with what best suits you, but you still want to keep your error rate at a minimum. There is a tightrope you must walk during this time where you can step out your box in a winning way, or falter into a ditch in a misfire that you will want to erase from your memory. Now that you are an adult, the rules of adulting encompass asking for assistance when you are unsure and be willing to take advice from those that you admire sartorially. 

GPS Your True Style Self

We are all bombarded with trends and styles and looks that we should incorporate, but  as a singular person, it is up to you to ultimately define your truest form style-wise. In your 20s, finding that involves taking risks you can live with, discovering your style comfort zones, and knowing which pieces allow you to knock it out the park. 

Essential Wardrobe For Your 20s

Even in one of the most experimental times of your life, you are going to need a few staples, and a pair of trusty jeans are an absolute must. In your 20s, you can have every hue under the rainbow, but you must own a dark pair of jeans that you can dress up or down for any occasion. A fitted pair of dark blue or black jeans can easily take you from informal to the formal with the right blazer and shoes. 

White Shirts

Shirts, as in plural, because no man’s wardrobe is complete without a few white shirts that work for the office or the on the weekends. Invest in a few tailored versions and for the best preparation, have an iron on the ready for a poised and crisp look. 

Bomber Jacket

In your 20s, money may be a deterrent in buying all the jackets you may want, but no matter what your budget may be, there is always room for at least one versatile jacket that works for a myriad of occasions. With a tailored bomber jacket in your arsenal, you immediately have a great choice that you can wear everywhere, a classic look that never goes out of style. 

A Proper Suit

Now that you are a full-fledged adult, you will have to look the part more and that really begins with a proper suit that has been altered so that it fits you like a glove. It’s an investment that every grownup has to make and not an area to cut corners. If you can only afford one, a navy or grey option is the way to go. Later, if you are so inclined, play up your specific style in pastels, polka dots, or any other patterns that pop. 

Embracing Trends and Starting Your Own

Now that you’ve gotten the essentials out the way, here are some suggestions on where you can really make your mark and separate yourself from the pack. 

Playing Up Patterns & Prints

From floral to stripes, polka dots to bold prints, patterns are an area that some men never venture towards, but the payoff can be quite impressive if you are able to pull it off. Gay men have always been known for their penchant for dramatic fashion, and patterns are an expressive way to showcase your style. With so many patterns out there to choose from, the sky is the limit and your objective is to scour through the many designers that have created exciting pieces that evoke quite the style statement. 

Go Long!

Length has entered the mainstream in a big way, showing up on metrosexual and homosexual men everywhere. As a casual look that doubles as a sexy alternative to classic tank tops, extra long tees, vests, and tanks give men the option to add length like never before. This is one fashion statement that may just bring it to your knees!

Accept Athleisure into Your Life

You don’t have to be a sports fanatic in order to embrace athleisurewear into your wardrobe. Although you can still get away with normal sweatpants in your 20s, why settle when you can spend the same amount of money and elevate your look in some more fitted options that are more stylish and more inclined to take you from the gym to the bar without skipping a beat. 

A Man’s Right to Shoes

Why should Carrie Bradshaw and women have all the fun in the shoe department? Through shoes, men have one of the best ways to showcase their personality, and this is your chance to engage the general public by putting your best foot forward. From loafers to boots, Chelsea boots to sandals, Oxfords and more, your shoes can run the gamut and there are shoes and styles that fit every taste and budget. Of course, you should have your smart shoes for the office, but this is your time to venture outside the mainstream and wear any and everything that makes your feet flutter. 

The Man Bag

Gone are those man purses of yesteryear that were the punchline to many a gay man only a few years ago. The replacement for those murses are grand man bags that even straight men have incorporated into their daily routine. The perfect manbag will be functional and practical, preferably made of premium fabrics and durable enough to take you from day to night. If you are a huge fan, consider several that you can switch out to match your outfits and moods. 

Final Considerations 

In your 20s, take your time in finding your personal style. Don’t fret over it too much when you make a few missteps, and keep an open mind on style that you may not necessarily veer towards. 

Remember that you don’t have to break the bank to look like a million bucks. Find a tailor and your wardrobe will love you for it. Plus, there are always second-hand and vintage shops that have amazing name-brand clothes at a fraction of the cost that will still elevate your style. 

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