Yvie Oddly releases Hype, ft Vanessa Vanjie

Twerk away your troubles with the new jam by Rupaul's Drag Race sister and season 11 winner Yvie

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This article was published on June 30th, 2020

“Hype” is a creative masterpiece by the drag queen herself, Yvie Oddly, Rupaul’s Drag Race sister, and season 11 winner, in collaboration with Vanjie Mateo. The new jam will get you bouncing that lazy ass booty at home and speaks to the current strange Covid-19 times we live through.

Miss Yvie’s new single dropped on Friday, June 19, and is part of a larger creative body of work. You can listen and watch it here.

According to Yvie, “This is just an upbeat jam about the nights of going out clubbing. Fun and energetic, I wanted ‘Hype’ to encourage the listener to turn up the tunes and twerk away their troubles.”

Miss Oddly Yvie

Yvie Oddly, a Denver native, is a revolutionary drag queen performer, rapper, and fine artist. Yvie grabbed the world’s attention when she won the eleventh season of RuPaul’s drag race. New York Magazine named Oddly one of the most powerful drag queens in June 2019 because of her ability to push the boundaries of drag performance art.

“Hype” is yet another testament to Yvie’s ability to push the boundaries in art through her creative, outrageous, and unconventional looks. Her signature raspy voice grabs your attention from the get-go.

This track sees the twosome, Yvie and Vanjie raping and shaking ass over a bouncing beat. The quarantine-era styled video features clubbing mannequins and cameos from Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Brooke Lynn Hytes, and Soju.

No Yvie video would be complete without a healthy dose of her gorgeous elegance and terrifying alien creature fashion. Yvie’s flexibility, strength, long limbs, and charismatic personality always give the audience something they’ve never seen before, an energetic other-worldly performance.

Music and artistry during the pandemic

In releasing the track, Yvie was conscious of the times we are living through.

The song was initially supposed to be just a fun video about Yvie and Vanjie enjoying themselves at a club and inviting other people to join, but Covid-19 upended that.

Instead, “Hype” is a reflection of the current realities, and a reminder that we can still dance and have fun even in the tough times.

The track is part of a larger body of work, an album in the making, likely to be called Drag Trap after Miss Yvie’s house, where she’s grown to the incredible drag queen and performer that she is today. Yvie admits that while other people found it messy and chaotic, it made her, and provided a space where she could create amazing things and strive for bigger things.

Yvie is a fierce artist, a social justice warrior, and an incredibly amazing person. She takes drag performance, music, and fine art to new and captivating heights through impeccable skills and a presence that grabs your attention.

You can follow Yvie Oddly on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook and check out her website.

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One thought on “Yvie Oddly releases Hype, ft Vanessa Vanjie

  1. Josef Brown

    While the beat is bangin’ … Does anyone REALLY think this is in any way “revolutionary” or cutting edge? In what way does this, in any way, “break boundaries”? Seriously.

    Are you not sick to death, yet, of RPDR? Do you not weep when looking at/considering the “role models” we present to young gay men? And, don’t for a moment think it isn’t almost ENTIRELY young gay men. A few of them will throw out labels like “genderqueer” or “fluid” to describe themselves, because it is trendy to do so, but at heart they are big Mary’s. It certainly in no way, shape or form reps the “L” in LGBTetc. A token “trans” here and there also does not make this “inclusive” … something many a modern Drag Queen THINKS she is, or has to be.