OnlyFans and JustForFans are the Pleasure PayWall

A new alternative cash stream has emerged during COVID-19 as unemployment escalates and bills need to be paid.

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This article was published on July 2nd, 2020

Unemployment is at an all-time high all around the world, with bank accounts sputtering, cash flows stilted, and many people wondering where their next check is going to come from as those stimulus checks barely make ends meet. 

Enter OnlyFans. 
Enter JustForFans.
Enter a new realm of possibilities.  

For those out of work for the past few months, both of these platforms have enabled the emboldened to gain fans virtually and keep the lights on. Initially used as an online site for celebrities and social influencers to share content exclusively to fans, both OnlyFans and JustForFans have lately become a base for exhibitionists, sex workers, and even regular Joes to create a new revenue stream by via direct messages, pictures, and videos to their fans. 

Although the websites are not only for sexual content, there are a slew of new creators  that can be classified from the amateur level all the way to the professional. The reason for the popularity is simply a matter of dollars and sense – content creators receive 80% of their gross earnings, a substantial cut considering some similar sites pay out as low as 25%. 

But despite those issues, the big draws of OnlyFans are its advantageous revenue split—content creators take home 80 percent of their gross earnings, far above the split offered by most cam sites, which can be as low as 25 percent—and, perhaps more importantly, shifting consumer demand.

OnlyFans incentivizes people to build their social media followings and has the potential to teach models about marketing and publicity and other nuts-and-bolts aspects of production. 

For a fee that typically ranges between $5 to $20 a month (although far higher for a few performers with a significant amount of subscribers), subscribers to OnlyFans can use their accounts to send images and video that would make Instagram explode because of its racy content. With this type of exclusive access, fans can get as specific as they dare with what they want to see – according to their sexual proclivities. 

Launched in 2016, OnlyFans is in essence the slightly slutty sister to Instagram and Facebook, a network comprised of creators that monetize themselves as they please. But COVID-19 has taken the platform to new creators beyond the celebrity and porn star. These days, everyday citizens are throwing their hat into the ring to snatch a piece of the substantial pie. And with more than 200,000 creators and over 20 million users, the proof is in the panty pudding that the site is transforming the ways in which people view adult content. The site jumped the shark directly into pop culture with a shoutout from the queen of pop herself, Beyonce, via a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion. With shoutouts of that magnitude, one thing is certain: OnlyFans is here to stay. 

 #PandemicPenis, #PandemicP*ssy, and the Personal Touch

With COVID-19 a worldwide dilemma, and many jobs in the service industry are at a standstill, there are a legion of workers that have gone from driving at Lyft and Uber to signing up for OnlyFans and JustForFans. Since the quarantine began in March, both sites have significantly increased traffic as more people are shuttered inside and looking for a way to connect with one another and socially distance at the same time.

The quarantine has left millions of people searching for a more personal touch at a time when social distancing and face masks are a fact of life. The demand is at an all-time peak and OnlyFans has been the silver lining in what many thought would be a cloud that would last for several months. Quite the opposite, OnlyFans and JustForFans have usurped power from porn studios and placed it within their own hands to wield autonomously and with full creative control. 

“I started on OnlyFans in 2017 and on JustForFans in 2018. I’ve made over $130,000 between the two platforms in three years,” said Topher Drew, owner, Bottoms Up, former JFF’s Social Media Manager, and current JFF model, in an exclusive interview with HomoCulture. “I don’t have an eight pack. I’ve never done studio work. All of my marketing is self-made. But I’ve managed to use my earnings from these platforms to pay for a cushy life in New York City. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

Porn studios have been seeing the laws of diminishing returns for several years now, and the industry has had to shapeshift on both ends of the spectrum, with owners uploading content to popular site PornHub, and many porn stars working primarily as escorts, promoting their sex work by appearing in scenes that pay less and less by the year. OnlyFans has given many porn stars the power to sell directly to their consumers and in the process change the way the sex industry functions forever. 

For many that have gravitated towards OnlyFans and JustForFans, their income has not only increased dramatically, but many are generating enough money with both former and new clients that they may not have to return to conventional sex work ever again. The power to create your own narrative with no editing from studios or outside forces is the advantage that porn stars and content creators in general are lauding.

With DVD sales a thing of the past and short video clips from porn studios becoming a thing of the past, what consumers want right now is a personal connection with the content porn stars of their choice that are ready to potentially customize their experience from A to Z. As the march towards virtual intimacy continues to ramp up, OnlyFans and JustForFans are leading the way towards a new way to get off. 


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