Santorini Sunburn

A refreshing summer cocktail inspired by the Greek islands.

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This article was published on July 17th, 2020

Step right up and take in the delectable flavor of the Santorini Sunburn, a cocktail inspired by the Greek islands. Born from the Aegean sea and popular worldwide for generations, it not only offers a vibrant taste, but it is visually appealing as well.

For fans of rum, the Santorini Sunburn gives off an aroma of fresh fruit and flowers thanks to the pisco, while the rum perfectly balances out the lime juice, syrup, and other sweet ingredients. It also includes the Greek liqueur mastiha, which grows only on the island of Chios, and brings out the herbal, vegetal, and piney flavors in the drink, along with its inviting texture.

The Santorini Sunburn is a refreshing summer cocktail that is always a welcome addition at a summer party, and is easy to make once all the necessary ingredients are put into play. 

Here are the essential ingredients that you will need to create this magical cocktail:

  • 1 oz pisco 
  • 1 oz white rum 
  • ½ oz blue curacao 
  • ½ oz mastiha 
  • ¾ oz simple syrup 
  • ¾ oz lime juice 

First, grab a cocktail shaker and fill it with crushed ice 3/4ths of the way up. Next, add all of the ingredients into the shaker. Add more ice and then shake. Then, strain into the highball filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig, an orange wedge, and seven dashes of bitters. 

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