Andrew J Duffer is serving teatime, southern style

Hot tea on current hot-potato issues Southern gay style.

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This article was published on July 21st, 2020

Andrew Joseph Duffer is serving it hot, telling it as he sees it, and tackling topical hot potato issues through markedly different lenses. His hilarious delivery, in short, 4-5-minute videos, Southern drawl, and pacing will keep you listening and entertained. More importantly, you start to think about and appreciate issues from a whole new angle.

Meet Andrew J Duffer

In his words from one of his videos, “I come from a country bumpkin, podunk town in northeast Texas, population’s less than 5,000. Here hypocrisy, racism, and homophobia run rampant.”

He then spends the next five minutes pacing around the house, delivering the rapid-fire monologue roast of his small Texas townsfolk. At the same time, he opens up the kimono about what life is for immigrants, LGBTQ+ persons, and people of color in his hometown.

“If you’re a Black person and you can act white and dress white, whatever the f**k that means, you’re considered a white Black person, and you won’t experience racism in its full capacity,” Duffer quickly explains. “Don’t misunderstand me, you certainly will experience racism, it just won’t be as bad.”

Talking about hypocrisy and homophobia, he says, “Gay people, same for you, If your parents are popular enough, well-established enough, and you’ve been seen at the church at least once, you won’t be destined for the lake of fire. All these years, I thought it was the blood of Christ that brought salvation, but in this instance, it was my daddy’s ability to do the townspeople’s tax returns. Who would have thought.”

Andrew says the pandemic finally gave him time to express what he’s been wanting to say. “It slowed the world down enough that I hoped people would have a chance to listen and think for themselves. There are a lot of people online looking for something new and we’re going through a time of upheaval and finally discussing things we should have talked about for the last 400 years.”

He continues, “It’s a shame that it took a virus to jog us into examining ourselves, our lives and our country.”

So how does he get ready to deliver these rapid-fire, pacing indictments on societal issues? Lots of preparation. According to him, “I collect and organize my thoughts, read it out loud and time it, and practice saying it real fast the way I do in the videos. I want to keep all the rants to about five minutes.”

He says he’s always been pretty brutal and blunt, and that, now more than ever is a great time to share some pretty obvious truths.

More tea, please

Andrew is fighting back against homophobia, racism, and hypocrisy, among other issues that face America. His comedic takes (and pacing!) brings out the urgency and opens critical conversations about how to shape the nation’s future. He says, “I feel like I am speaking for the LGBTQ community in advocating for supporting others. Gay people know what it is like not to have support. We always anticipate not being accepted when we meet somebody new, particularly in a small southern town. That experience has made me want to speak out on behalf of others.”

From the Confederate flag and historical injustices to the Black lives matter movement, racial inequities, and homophobia, no topic is sacred.

Talking about Trump and his supporters who reach out to him and make up most of his townspeople, Duffer says, “I haven’t said anything to these people because they support Trump, you’re entitled to your own opinion. However, they have felt the need to reach out to me.” He says, “It’s always something along the lines of ‘I think he’s good for the economy’ or ‘he’s beneficial to my small business.’ I’ve had some like: ‘He wants me to have an assault rifle, and he kicked the illegals out.”

“If you feel the need to go out of your way to tell someone that you are not as hateful as the candidate you support, does that sound like someone that you should be supporting? Does that sound like someone that should be running the country?” Duffer said.

Couldn’t have put it more poignantly.

Regardless of your political, religious, or social leanings, you’ll find Duffer’s takes on current issues refreshing, colorful, and hilarious. Check out his YouTube, or follow him on social media: InstagramFacebook,  Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Andrew J Duffer is serving teatime, southern style

  1. Scott Graves

    Real truth usually has barbs in it and Andrew snags those hateful church people every time. A gay Christian is, to my way of thinking, the definition of a masochist. Truly funny though I think dropping 3/4 of the “fucks” would make it 5 times funnier. Cute, too, though at my age everyone his age looks “cute”! Enjoying every “episode” from New Orleans.

  2. Richard Alspach

    How about commenting on Trump (and his extraordinary incompetence), his family, the book his niece put out—also Bolton’s book—his buddy, attorney general Barr—lappdog Biden—turtle face Mitch McConnell—nutcase Rudy Giuliani, creepy Kellyanne Conway–get out of jail free, convict Rodger Stone—dictators Trump loves—-the barrels of orange powder Trump puts on his face—even though Trump is anti-Semitic, Jared is okay because he’s rich—his constant misspellings on tweets—-he’s too weak to admit he’s wrong—-his disastrous leadership with covid-19–as well as environmental issues, etc.—–his terrible diet—-having affair with Stormy Daniels while his wife was giving birth to his son—constant exaggerations even when proven wrong—-how history will record him as the worst president—his fake University—disastrous casino business failures—why is he afraid of criticizing Putin—–and I’m sure much more you could easily remember or find.