Relax with these amazing self-care cannabis products from Bottoms Up

Take a break and relax with a variety of soothing, self-care health products from Bottoms Up.

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This article was published on July 25th, 2020

Bottoms Up is a Canadian-based company that offers a revolutionary line of cannabis products that support sexual and overall health to all areas of your life. With a progressive stance that is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through exceptional products, Bottoms Up is determined to share its assortment of highly touted items with the entire world. HomoCulture presents a coterie of some available from their amazing line. 

Uncle Herb’s Specialty Teas – Sleepytime Blend

With so many people suffering health problems related to lack of sleep, it has already been proven that tea infused with THC can act as a great remedy to alleviate those bouts of insomnia. Proper rest is essential to maintaining overall health and Bottoms Up offers Uncle Herb’s Speciality Tea – Sleepytime blend – a loose leaf, highly concentrated tea that is 100% home made.

The latest version has been completely redesigned and comes with 540mg of THC in each kit. Each serving size is 2 tablespoons of loose leaf tea, so all users have to do is open one tea bag and then pour in the tea, then tighten the top of the bag. Next, soak the bag for 5-10 minutes in hot water and then serve. This tea has received rave reviews for its effectiveness and one cup of it will ensure sweet dreams throughout the night. 

Bath Fizzy

There’s nothing like a pleasureful bath to fully relax after a hard day and Bottoms Up  has recently introduced their Bath Fizzies that are available in 5 amazing varieties:

  • Blue Cotton Candy
  • Citrus Explosion
  • Green Melonade
  • Purple Haze
  • Pain Relief Fizzy

These are twice as strong as their original bath bombs and contain 150mg per Fizzy. Buy one, buy two, or buy them all and treat yourself to the luxury you deserve. 

Muscle & Joint Pain Roller

Essential oils that contain THC have been proven to be an effective way to provide relief for muscle and joint pain. Bottoms Up offers the Muscle & Joint Pain Roller that is made with ACDC, a cannabis strain that is highly touted for its remarkable results. It contains 225mg of THC, plus eucalyptus globulus, rosemary, camphor, and cajeput – essential oils that are certain to alleviate pain. 

Butt Butter

This is a lotion that you will love to use to cover your body from head to toe. With a myriad of uses, Butt Butter has the perfect consistency – made with pure aloe vera, distilled mountain water, coconut oil, horny goat weed, and 350mg of THC oils. Although it was originally used as a lubricant and anal easer, Butt Butter can be slicked through hair as you shower as a shampoo, a face cream to reduce wrinkles and scarring, or as a foaming moisturizer to ward off acne. The best thing about Butt Butter is that you can use it every day and you can even eat it!

Self care is important

Bottoms Up ships world-wide in discrete packaging and the labels do not require a list of ingredients, so they will not be seized on the boarder. Bottoms Up offers these and many more products, including stimulating personal lubricants on their website. Visit their website and stock up on the items that you can use to improve your overall health!

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