Shaping your Gender Identity with your Style Choices

Find your own style expressions, label-free and with no stereotypes preventing you from enjoying your sassy self.

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This article was published on August 5th, 2020

Belonging to a community, especially one as colorful, feisty, and diverse as the LGBTQ+ community grants you a feeling of acceptance, and an opportunity to love yourself. Labels, however, aren’t as generous, so if you’re still discovering your inner queer, you might be feeling a tad limited in how you can or feel that you should express yourself through your look. Maybe you’ve caught yourself falling head over heels in love with that leopard print dress, but gender stereotypes are still somehow dictating your spending habits. 

Whatever has inspired you to stumble upon this empowering post, the time is perfect for you to get some inspiration from some of the world’s most stylish divas such as RuPaul and their spotless drag look, and find your own style expressions, label-free and with no stereotypes preventing you from enjoying your sassy self.

“Grab a brush and put a little makeup”

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Rhea Litré and her breathtaking take on makeup, it’s that you should definitely step out of your comfort zone and give these beauty tools a go. Makeup is the perfect arsenal for bringing out your most prominent features, the ones you’re so proud of, and ideal for giving your nighttime look that extra zing and oomph. 

Start small, such as with a little mascara, then move towards bolder items such as the powerful red lip and the stunning range of eye shadows you can mix and match when you’re up for it. All in all, your makeup box can be a true source of self-exploration and a way to elevate your own confidence whenever you need it. 

Bring your strands to life

You’ve always had a tough time getting your hair to grow? Or you like the convenience of short and snazzy locks, but you’d also like the option to flaunt those beachy waves? Either way, there’s a simple way to add some variety in length and color with the help of clip in hair extensions made of real human hair and perfect for your night out or a daytime coffee date. 

Not only do these let you enjoy long locks from time to time, they add natural volume to your existing do, and they are perfect for when you’d like to try out a new shade, but you’re not prepared to dye your own strands. 

Build your own rainbow palette

Whether you’ve always wanted to flaunt those leopard spots or you’re more of a minimalist “black and white” kind of a queer, your have all the means you could wish for to develop your own color palette. With brands such as Chola by Sohaya Misra, you get a glimpse into the various goth and glam possibilities, as well as those everyday essentials without the stereotypical gender attached to the garment.

You get to experience all the pastels you please, the neon hues that bring your inner diva to life, and all the subdued but elevated black shades for your elegant attire. All in all, why stick to some traditional notions of acceptable colors to wear with so many rainbow-perfect options at hand?

Accessorize, baby

We’re moving closer to genderless fashion with every brand that ditches the “women” or “men” sections, and with every new piece of legislature officially tipping their hat to your decision to rock those heels or wear makeup openly. Add to that, you can go a step further in exploring your selfhood through fun, funky, quirky, eccentric, or subtle accessories – all descriptions are welcome, as long as you feel comfortable wearing them.

Have you tried adding some pizzazz to your daytime pantsuit with pink sunglasses? Jewelry, especially layers of it, is another growing trend among all your dearest queers. Check out a few chokers to add to your ensemble, and of course, piercing of all sorts is another exciting way to add an edge to your look. 

As new laws across the globe arise to embrace the fluid nature of our sexuality and gender identity, and more communities come to life to make you feel at home with your own self-perception and your own style preferences – it’s time to bring out your finest self into the light. Let your identity flourish through your style, and use the many tools at your disposal to discover and unveil your own authenticity one glamorous day at a time.

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