10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

Solo travel will shatter your notions on the world and alter your perspective. So, pack light, see the world.

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This article was published on August 9th, 2020

Ever wanted to travel solo but was too afraid to give it a shot? You imagined all the loneliness on the road – no one to watch your bags while you dash to the restrooms. What about the security of traveling in a group or even the shared memories?

Traveling with friends is fun, but it’s not all it’s cracked out to be. Sometimes, a solo trip might just be what you need to reflect on life, get lost in new places, make new friends, and maybe, just maybe, even fall in love. (Yeah, stranger things have happened on trips.)

If you’re still on the fence about taking that solo trip you’ve been planning for what now? Forever? These ten reasons why you should travel solo might be the kick-in-the-ass you need to take the plunge. Remember to travel safely during this pandemic.

Easy-peasy logistics

The ability to pack a few bags and be on your way to anywhere in the world is by far the best reason to travel solo. You can pack as much or as little as you want. You don’t have to consult anyone or synchronize your calendars. It’s just you, a map, and the world at your feet.

Everyone has their tastes, budget, schedules, and travel interests. Waiting around for the right time, and a travel partner might take forever. However, going it alone makes it easy to plan around your budget, interests, and schedule. And you only take what you need with you (or nothing).

Stick within your budget

Money is always a pressure point when traveling. Some people want to go big, then go home. Others want to stretch that dollar and explore more of the world on the cheap.

Solo travel allows you to stick to your budget, no matter how small, and enjoy only those things that mean something to you.

Flexible itinerary

It’s always a hassle planning a trip with friends. It takes too long to agree on anything, including the day-to-day activities on your trip.

Solo travel is quite the opposite. Want to lie all day around the pool sipping martinis, checking out hot guys, or tanning your cheeks? It’s all up to you. You have the freedom to do whatever pleases your little gay heart.

You also get to experience the activities that mean something to you. Whether it’s something you’ve always dreamed about, such as skydiving, or trying new international cuisine.

Enjoy some time alone

Life is nowadays full of digital distractions, from the constant stream of social media updates to the endless supply of video-on-demand services. It’s harder getting some alone time to think and reflect.

Solo travel gives you that unique chance to switch it all off and be one with nature and yourself. You get to enjoy your own company devoid of the pressure to keep up with all that’s happening in the world. Alone time frees you to recharge and reconnect with what matters to you.

Cross something off your bucket list

Bucket lists are personal. You have things there because they have a deep meaning for you. Solo travel gives you the chance to cross off a few things off your list without shame, guilt, and the prying eyes of fellow travel partners.

Make new friends

Most people fear solo travel because of loneliness. However, that fear is unfounded. This is your opportunity to put yourself out there. Opt for situations that put you in contact with other people, fellow travelers, etc. Find popular expat spots, gay-friendly places, or even try some street food. Either way, you’ll end up making new friends on your trip.

Improve your language skills

Solo travel is a great way to practice your new language skills. Immersing yourself in a culture, without the bubble of friends, is possibly the best way to tear down language barriers. You’re always forced to deploy your language skills because your survival depends on it!

Embrace new activities

Traveling alone opens up a whole new world to explore diverse passions and activities. Ever wanted to go hang-gliding? This is your chance. What about hot yoga, a relaxing massage, or biking through ancient ruins? The world is your oyster. Crack that thing open and enjoy.


Anyone who has traveled alone can attest to the feeling of independence that comes with the experience. You’re responsible for your decisions, itinerary, activities, and everything in between. If you mess up, you only have yourself to blame. You learn to plan for contingencies and do everything you need to survive and come back in one piece.

Now that’s empowering.

A taste of the good world

Finally, when you travel solo, you realize that the world is not such a bad place. Lot’s to see, and experience and the people are also warm, friendly, and ready to assist. That doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen, they do. Your items might be stolen, and you may get arrested. However, these experiences pale in the face of kindness and help you sometimes get from strangers.

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