7 travel essentials every gay traveler needs on their next vacation

Everything you need to travel safe and comfortable during the pandemic and beyond

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This article was published on September 6th, 2020

Still looking to venture out this summer? You are not alone. After months in one form of lockdown, isolation, and quarantine, the wanderlust bug is starting to bite hard. There is also the realization that life is fragile and waiting until all the stars align and the gods give you that special sign is a waste of time.

However, travel has changed for good. Until we have an effective vaccine against the pandemic and most people around the world get vaccinated, you have to take every precaution to travel safely and keep comfortable.

The following are some of the travel essentials you should consider including in your travel routine to stay safe, comfortable, and connected to the world around.

Personal hygiene essentials

Keeping your hygiene levels high during the pandemic is essential. Your immune system must remain fortified to fight off infections that may weaken it, making you more prone to COVID-19. Any little bit helps.

Pack your soap (if you need it), toothbrush, and toothpaste plus other personal essentials you need on your trip.

Hand sanitizers and alcohol-based tissue wipes

While hand-sanitizers may fall into the personal hygiene category, not everyone carries them. In fact, they were not that common before the pandemic.

Hand-sanitizers protect from germs and viruses that you pick up from touching stuff and surfaces. The World Health Organization and other health authorities recommend using an alcohol-based sanitizer (with at least 60 percent alcohol) to scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Alcohol-based tissues come in handy for wiping common surfaces such as doorknobs, life buttons, seats on the plane, or your mobile phone. Disinfection is crucial since some viruses stay active for long periods on some surfaces.

Essential clothes and shoes

Pack light. Any excess baggage during this period will only slow you down and make it harder to react to emerging situations.

Bring comfortable and versatile wear such as jeans, shirts, a suit depending on the nature of your trip, towels, a few pairs of shoes. Pick items that you can comfortably wear in different situations.

Cloth or disposable face masks

Facemasks are a must when traveling nowadays. You require them on planes, public transportation, and even in public spaces.

Scientists and health officials recommend face masks as a critical way to stem the spread of the virus. Pack enough face coverings to last the duration of your trip. Carry some extra in case you lose your baggage.

Basic and prescription medication

It’s always a good idea to carry enough prescription medicines when traveling. Anything can happen on your trip, and you may not always have the option to refill.

Your medicine list should also include basic painkillers, travel-induced nausea drugs, and some vitamin pills if you need them.

Tech gear

Gadgets have become a part of our daily lives. Nowadays, it’s hard imagining getting out of the house without your phone (try it sometime, it’s liberating).

During this pandemic period, gadgets keep you updated on the world and your specific travel destination. In case of any emergency, you can quickly contact loved ones. Furthermore, you can work on the go. Some of the items to pack include your smartphone, laptop or tablet, chargers, a power bank, cables, etc.

Enough food and water (non-perishables)

Food and water mostly apply if you plan to travel by road. Due to various health guidelines, some destinations have shut down restaurants and other eateries: pack enough water and non-perishable foods such as dried fruit, snacks, etc.

In conclusion

Travel with a solid logistics plan if you decide to venture out during the pandemic. Pack all the travel essentials but also prepare for contingencies. Above all, have fun!

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