Canada’s Drag Race queens perform four exclusive, limited capacity, live events at drive-ins across Canada

Canada's Top Queens Return to the Live Stage This Fall with Canada's Drag Race.

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This article was published on September 10th, 2020

When Priyanka was crowned winner of the first season of Canada’s Drag Race, everyone, including the judges, said her name. The gorgeous diva, alongside fellow queens from the first season, is set to grace live drag shows at drive-ins across Canada.

The live events, organized by World of Wonder and Voss Events, will be hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Brooke Lynn Hytes and star Canada’s Drag Race winner, Priyanka, finalists Rita Baga and Scarlett BoBo, along with fan favorites Lemon, Ilona Verley, BOA, Kiara, Tynomi Banks, Anastarzia Anaquway, and Juice Boxx (lineup varies by city).

The outdoor concert will premiere on September 18 and run through October 4. Attendees will get live theatrical experiences from the safety of inside or on top of their cars with concert-style stage and lighting, Jumbotron screens, and sound pumped outside from the stage and through every car via FM transmitters.

Multiple shows will run all weekend long, from 4 PM to 11 PM. Food and beverages will be available as well as exclusive merchandise featuring the star-studded cast.

The stunning divas from Canada’s Drag Race

The first season of Canada’s Drag Race was an absolute delight. The show was just off the charts from the drama and shade to the fun challenges and gorgeous outfits.

Priyanka’s crowning was a befitting end to a season that has seen even fan favorites eliminated. For example, Jimbo’s departure was shocking, but it also raised the stakes for the remaining contestants.

Rita Baga, one of the runners up, and Priyanka have been at the bottom twice, while Scarlett Bobo, the other runner’s up queen, never has. Rita had three wins, Priyanka two, while Scarlett only had one.

So what gets a queen crowned? The jury is still out on that. Regardless, these queens will now be gracing stages on drive-ins across Canada, bringing the same fierceness and incredible creativity.

And Brooke Lynn, oh Brook. She may have directed the queens to write and present their songs, and even helped in the choreography. Now she’ll be playing host to the fabulous events, bringing the same tenacity and charisma.

It has been fun walking with the queens throughout the first season of Canada’s Drag Race. Each queen – BOA, Kiara, Lemon, Jimbo, Scarlett Bobo, Tynomi, Anastarzia, Kyne, Juice Boxx, Ilona, Rita Baga, and the winner, Priyanka, brought out their best. They left us in awe through their creative designs, debates. We cried, laughed, and held onto the edges of our seats. Now, we get to watch and walk with them once again, only this time, live in action.

The drag show must go on

“Our Werq the World Tour typically plays inside large theaters and arenas,” says the show’s producer, Brandon Voss, “but we’ve moved the show outside to continue providing much-needed entertainment during these crazy times. A pandemic won’t keep our queens from ruling the stage. The drag show must go on!”  

The pandemic has upended everyone’s life, more so performers and entertainers who rely on live audiences for their work. With most social places closed and gatherings banned, gay event organizers have had to find ways to keep the show going.

Virtual drag shows dominated the first period of the pandemic, but now organizers are finding innovative ways to bring the shows closer to them. Drive-in and other outdoor performances provide the camaraderie and sense of community often associated with live shows at clubs. 

They also do so safely and responsibly that minimizes the chances of virus transmission.

“It feels amazing to be able to perform on stage in front of a live audience in my home country,” says Brooke Lynn Hytes. “I’m so excited to be reunited with this amazing cast and to be able to spread a little joy to my fellow Canadians!”

Attending the shows

Canada’s Drag Race: Live at the Drive-In tickets are available now at  $99 per car for two people. VIP tickets, closest to the stage, are also available for $199 per spot. Additional passengers are $30 each. All general admission spots are assigned upon arrival.

The outdoor concert series that premieres on Friday, September 18, and runs through October 7 happens at the following locations.

  • Sept 18 – 20: Telus Spark Drive-In in Calgary
  • Sept 29 – 30 / Oct 1: Royalmount Drive-In Event Theatre in Montreal
  • Oct 2 – 4: City View Drive-In in Toronto
  • Oct 6 – 7: The Drive-In Experience at Wesley Clover Parks in Ottawa

Bring your friends and enjoy the show!


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