For the Love of Gun Oil Lube [CONTEST]

Gun Oil is tried and tested over the years and the line-up of personal lubricant will give your sex life L-I-F-E!

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This article was published on November 14th, 2020

Kiss bad kissing goodbye

Let’s talk about sex, baby!



Lots and lots of lube!

We all like sex, of course, and no matter the ways in which you enjoy it, there are a few rules that we all tend to abide by, and one includes lube.

Of course, nature’s lube – aka spit – may get it done in a pinch, but we live in an era where lube flows in so many ways that it would be a shame to not indulge in what technology has bestowed upon us. 

HomoCulture is set to break down the lube game in such a way that you will never have to question which lube works best for your sexy times! So without further adieu?

Let’s get sticky!

Types of Lube

When it comes to lube, there are three types that have big differences in how they feel, their effects, and the the type of sex they are used for. The three types are:

  • Silicone lubes
  • Water-based lubes
  • Oil-based lubes

Now that we have named them, here are how they differ.

Silicone Lube

Longer lasting and more comfortable for anal sex because of their consistency, silicone lube protects the walls of the anal cavity from cuts during anal sex. Since silicone lube isn’t water based, it won’t get absorbed while in use. To break it down even further, silicone lube allows for deeper and harder penetration without needing to reapply repeatedly.

Bottoms would be well advised to keep a bottle of silicone lube next to their bed and feel free to experiment! It’s your ass after all, and you should make sure that you trust and enjoy the product you’re using. Note that silicone lube doesn’t work well with sex toys as it breaks down the surface and can result in them getting a more used and rustier look over time which is definitely not sex. At all. 

Water-Based Lube

As water-based lubes quickly absorb into the anal walls, you will have to reapply every few minutes. If not, it can result in slight pain for bottoms and can disrupt sexy times with each application. One of the benefits, however, is that water-based lubes are great on sensitive skin and far less likely to irritate your nether-region. Plus, they won’t destroy your sheets. But, if your sheets end up getting tattered, HomoCulture has some tips to address this issue as we have thought of everything!

Oil-Based Lube

As a more organic approach to sex, there is olive oil and coconut oil. For condoms, they unfortunately make latex more porous, meaning they are more likely to break during the action and effectively make the condoms useless as they will no longer offer protection. Oil-based lube also may spell disASSter on your bed sheets too, so buyer beware. For the Crisco and Vaseline fans that prefer these for fisting, you also will have to prepare for a mess and probably the need to invest in new sheets.

Now that we have run down the types, we can recommend a brand that is one of the most popular as it rates well across the board. 

Introducing Gun Oil 

As a silicone lube that is latex, condom and sex-toy friendly, Gun Oil is paraben free and also free of glycerin, meaning it lasts longer than most types of lubes and it even contains aloe vera as well which soothes during and after sex. The brand offers a full range of premium, silicone, based, water-based, and hybrid gel lubricants that have been designed to meet all of your needs in the bedroom. No matter how you like to get down, Gun Oil delivers fulfillment like no other. 

Popular items from their coterie include their water-based Gun Oil H20, its Gun Oil Silicone (one of its most popular editions), and Gun Oil Tactical Cream for one-on-one action. Any of these have been tried and tested over the years and are guaranteed to give your sex life L-I-F-E! Yes, Gun Oil is absolutely amazing, and you will love it!

Gun Oil also offers different types of lubricant for specific types of use. For example, Force Recon is a hybrid silicone lubricant which feels amazing during bareback sex (practice safer sex), Stroke 29 masturbation cream for solo play, and Toy which is a gel-style lubricant safe to use with toys including Fleshjack and Lelo Loki Wave.

For travellers, the 4oz bottles can be tossed into your carry-on luggage when you are flying off to your next destination, circuit party, or meet up with your lover.

Save 25% on Gun Oil

From now until January 31, 2021, HomoCulture readers can receive 25% off all Gun Oil personal lubricant when you use promo code HOMOCULTURE when ordering direct from the Gun Oil website. Order your personal lubricant today:


HomoCulture readers, fans, and followers can enter for a chance to win a Gun Oil gift pack.

To enter this contest, leave a comment below telling us what type of lubricant – silicone, water-based, or hybrid – you prefer.

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Friday, November 20, 2020. One random drawn winner will be notified on or before Monday, November 23, 2020. Read the complete contest rules.

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21 thoughts on “For the Love of Gun Oil Lube [CONTEST]

  1. Kodi

    I prefer the silicone lube, but I recently ordered some new lube that I have yet to try out due to social distancing lol

  2. Ryan Kolman

    Water-based lube is way better than silicone. You might have to reapply once or twice but the feeling is far superior and it’s not a pain in the ass to clean up.

  3. Rob S.

    I’ve used shampoo conditioner in a pinch once while travelling so I am not entirely well versed in the pros and cons of the varieties. A party pack of delights for tops, bottoms and solo would be a hoot to explore with.

  4. Jeff

    Almost always use silicone-based lubes, but with this decade-long pandemic, I don’t remember much about the sex anymore.

  5. Derrick Dnabsy

    I mostly use water based lube, but when it comes to gun oil brand, I ALWAYS reach for the silicone-based one!