Kapow Meggings: Uncovering the megging mega-madness

Make your wardrobe pop and rock out like a peacock with the latest meggings and compression shorts from Kapow Meggings.

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This article was published on November 24th, 2020

You may have cringed upon first sight of them, while others may have immediately looked online to snatch up a pair. What cannot be denied is that these days, men’s leggings – also known as meggings – are one of the hottest trends, right behind chinos and skinny jeans, for a place in every man’s closet. Initially questionable fashion, meggings are now firmly in the mainstream for many men and as such, HomoCulture is here to break you in on the hows, whens, and wheres of the latest fashion must-have in (not so) outre fashion. 

Meggings: A Natural (D)evolution of Fashion 

Contrary to popular belief, menswear was not always baggy and loose-fitting. Less than 200 years ago, men routinely wore tights, from Brits during the era of Henry the VIII to Native Americans before the United States was born. The style was meant to show of men’s muscular calves and thighs, and that is the very reason why many men are opting to embrace the style today. After gracing catwalks by a slew of formidable brands, meggings have regularly been seen on fashion forward men like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Lenny Kravitz. Music and fashion have always done the dance and so it is only fitting that fitted attire is now set to dominate men’s closets once again. 

Of course, any trend that is set to take off starts in the most fashionably progressive cities, and meggings became a huge trend quickly in cities like Berlin, London, San Francisco, and New York, where men are typically more inclined to show up and show out when it comes to trends. Meggings offer men more opportunities to express themselves sartorially, and as many men will attest that wear them, are a comfortable option and perfect for layering. Aside from comfort, they are also available in a vast array of colors and prints that make them a visually exciting option that can make any wardrobe pop. 

The Makings of the Megging Man

Men that prefer loose-fitting clothes will definitely reel from the form fit of meggings, as will men that are not in the best of shape or feel more exposed. But for the active man, meggings allow the opportunity to rock out like a peacock. Fashion labels have sought to reach out to men eager to strut, and Kapow Meggings is one of the leading brands that have made significant strides in this style that many men absolutely love!

Welcome to Kapow Meggings

Offering an assortment of styles and fabrics, Kapow is arguably the brand that best answers the call with their impressive collection of meggings. Their clothes are expressly produced for men on the go, and no matter what your style direction may be, Kapow Meggings has created a pair of leggings that are right up your alley. A popular new arrival are their viper meggings that are made from premium high stretch material and fit like a second skin. Made from a spandex and polyester blend, they are extremely lightweight yet durable enough to wear through the day and well into the night. Pair these with an extra long tank top or tee, and boots and you’re ready for the day and night!

Kapow Meggings may have gained prominence because of their men’s leggings, but the brand has more in its collection that are just as striking and in demand, including their Tarzan compression shorts. These printed shorts work well for a day at the gym or for lounging on the weekend. Made for high performance as well as high fashion, these shorts have the call of the wild written all over them and are ready to be unleashed on concrete jungles everywhere. 

Get 10% off Kapow Meggings 

Now that you’ve gotten a brief overview of the latest fashion trend, HomoCulture is pleased to extend to our style conscious readers a deal they can’t refuse. Save 10% when you order direct from the Kapow Meggings collection here: https://www.thehomoculture.com/special-offers/

And when you’ve ordered your pair, contact us and let us see how you’ve styled them up!

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  1. wocowboy

    These ridiculous things are just another classic example of the absolute truth of this statement: “Just because they make it in your “size” does not mean that you have to buy them or wear them in public”. Like the yoga pants that some women wear but forget to wear the long flowy tops that are supposed to be worn with those yoga pants to cover up the crotch and butt, there are just some things that other people are not meant to see! And now every 374# queen will be reading this article and just have to have a pair of these to wear to the bar this weekend (in normal times) so they will look cool, when in truth they will look anything BUT cool and pleasing to the eye.