How to play with your butt for health and pleasure with the new Aneros Progasm prostate collection [CONTEST]

Taking sexual pleasure to the next level from the safety of your home with the Aneros Progasm prostate massagers.

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This article was published on November 25th, 2020

The prostate, aka the P-spot, is a small, almond-shaped, and muscular gland that produces seminal fluid when you ejaculate. It’s surrounded by nerve endings that send pleasure shockwaves through your body when touched just right.

A prostate orgasm is almost similar to a penile orgasm, with one key difference: P-spot orgasms feel more intense and vibrate through the entire body like a tidal wave. It’s akin to having multiple orgasms back-to-back, causing the body to shake and shudder.

It’s worth noting that not everyone cums during a prostate orgasm. For some, a release of milky ejaculate fluid from the penis occurs. In others, the orgasm is only felt through the body.

Prostate orgasms take a bit of practice and patience to master. The results are mind-shattering. The good news is, once you achieve a prostate orgasm, reproducing it becomes easier.

Experiencing a prostate orgasm starts with finding and understanding your prostate. So where is it?

Finding your prostate

The pleasure gland is located about two inches up your rectum, the area between your rectum and dick.

You can reach and stimulate the prostate in two main ways:

From the outside

Indirectly stimulate the prostate by playing with your perineum or taint. It’s the skin that runs underneath the scrotum to your anus.

While you may not locate the actual gland from the outside, you’ll know when you come close because you start feeling the need to pee. Keep going.

From the inside

Insert a finger, toy, or your partner’s penis, and aim for the front wall of the rectal lining. The prostate feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue and feels completely different from the other tissue there.

The benefits of massaging your prostate

Not surprisingly, massaging your prostate and experiencing prostate orgasms has been linked to some health benefits. While the research is still scanty, the prostate has been touted as a remedy for:

  • Improving erectile dysfunction issues
  • Improving urine flow, sometimes caused by a swollen prostate
  • May help prevent or treat prostatitis – a painful inflammation of the prostate.
  • May help alleviate cases of painful ejaculation.
  • Relieving prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – enlargement of the prostate, symptoms

Tools of trade

You can use various tools to pleasure your prostate including your fingers, your partner’s penis, and toys. The latter comes especially handy during the pandemic when getting laid is a logistical nightmare.

The last thing you need is COVID with your next hookup.

Luckily, toys, especially the following prostate massagers by Aneros, perfectly perform the trick.

The Aneros Progasm prostate massagers come in four different models. They are designed to hit all the pleasure spots, from the moment it touches your sphincter, all the way deeper insider your anal canal.

There are four prostate massager models in the collection. Here’s a look at each one to help you decide the one(s) right for you.

Progasm prostate massagers

The Aneros prostate massagers are designed with male pleasure in mind. They are large and surprisingly agile, featuring a spherical tab that replaces the traditional Kundalini handle for extra fun up and down your anal area.

Progasm Classic

Considered the original progasm massager, the Program Classic is easy-to-use with a hands-free, anatomical design that doubles the pleasure. It comes with an insertable depth of 4.2 inches and a mid-ridge width of 1.25 inches. Just what you need to hit all the right spots.

Progasm Black Ice

The black Progasm has a nice smooth finish that looks like glass but isn’t. Instead, it’s made of medical-grade plastic, featuring a Kundalini “K-Tab” to complement your prostate sensations.

It’s the largest of the Aneros models designed especially for advanced and experienced users.

Progasm Ice

The Ice was designed for maximum pleasure with water-like bubbles that leave a unique pleasurable-experience.

Progasm Red Ice

The Red Ice massager color gets you in the mood for a stimulation session. It moves on its own as your contract the anal sphincter muscles.

Get Yours Today

Get your Aneros Progasm today:

Tips for pleasurable butt play

  • Use the bathroom before you start. Anal penetration can cause the sensation of needing to take a dump.
  • Take a shower before your session and pay particular attention down there to ensure it’s squeaky clean.
  • Set the mood, so you are fully turned on and ready for action.
  • Use generous amounts of lube, for example, a water-based lubricant for easier penetration.
  • Cut and file your nails to avoid injuring the delicate tissue around your butt.


HomoCulture readers, fans, and followers can enter for a chance to win an Aneros gift pack including a Helix Syn Trident, Peridise set, Aneros Cleaning Wipes, and Aneros Lubricant – a $100+ USD value!

To enter this contest, leave a comment below describing why you would love a Aneros prostate massager.

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Friday, December 4, 2020. One random drawn winner will be notified on or before Monday, December 7, 2020. Read the complete contest rules.

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