Top reasons every gay man needs suspenders, and where to get quality ones

Glam it up and boost your confidence with trendy men's suspenders from JJ Suspenders - the best value for your fashion dollar.

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This article was published on November 30th, 2020

There is a sexual allure to men wearing suspenders. The straps, running along their torso and back, suspending their trousers, and often revealing a bulge, make you wanna eat them with a big spoon.

Then there are those who “suspend” their briefs for style and other nefarious reasons—plenty of eye-candy.

Regardless of your reasons for choosing suspenders, and we’ll touch on some below, they make a great fashion accessory, enhancing your look and providing comfort.

Why do gay men need quality suspenders, and what are the main benefits of wearing one?

The benefits of wearing suspenders

Snug alternative to belts

Belts sometimes suck because they lack flexibility. They also pinch, especially when you sit down for long. As such, they are not the ideal solution to keep your pants in place.

In contrast, suspenders provide flexibility and a wider range of motion. With a simple fabric strapped to your shoulders, you can keep your trousers in check without the hassle of constantly adjusting your belt.

Suspenders dramatically improve your comfort while allowing you to breathe normally.

Improve posture

Many people hunch and slouch unconsciously. Poor posture opens a can of worms around your health, such as an unusually curved spine and aching joints.

While a suspender won’t correct your posture overnight, it provides valuable cues when you slouch. The straps hang loose to the front, reminding you to adjust your posture.

Make a fashion statement

Remember those guys who wear suspenders with only their briefs? Well, that’s a testament to the accessory’s versatility.

Suspenders no longer only function as pant-holders; you can wear them with just about anything. From casual pants to sweaters for that chic, rustic look to pairing them with formal suits for that wall-street look, they work for every occasion.

They add a level of authenticity you won’t get with most other accessories. Go ahead. Add some hipster appeal to your outfit.

Wide range of materials, colors, and patterns

Suspenders come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials. Basically, you can have a different style and color for every single day. As such, they trump belts on many fronts because belts come with limited options.

Also, suspenders come in various materials (as we’ll see below from JJ suspenders). Do you want leather or satin? You’ve got it. Generally, you can get any material and style you wish to match your outfit or taste.

Getting the right suspenders for you

Given the options – in terms of color, patterns, and materials, what should you consider before choosing a suspender?

Well, first, throw out the rules. Fashion is personal. Wear what feels comfortable, boosts your confidence, and fits your budget.

JJ Suspenders offer these accessories for all occasions. Whether you want them in leather, skinny-type, classic or formal, you can get a suspender that fits your style and budget. Moreover, they are all made from high-quality materials that guarantee longevity and provide the best value for your buck.

As you choose a suspender, think about the use cases. What color matches with most of your outfits? Consider the material too. You want something comfortable yet stylish to complement your outfits.

Size matters for suspenders, to an extent. For instance, skinny suspenders pair well with streetwear. They work perfectly with a pair of jeans or khakis for a chill, fashion-forward look. In contrast, classic suspenders pair well with formal wear making them popular for special occasions. Here’s a suspender style guide to help you along.

Ultimately, suspenders make a great fashion accessory. They refine your style and give you that hip, trendy sex appeal. They are also timeless. Since they work with most outfits, they make great gifts for almost everyone. Tis’ the season to spread some joy…and style. Get yours today or give as a gift from JJ Suspenders. HomoCulture readers can receive 10% off JJ Suspenders now.

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