Embrace Healthy Self-Care This Winter with Bottoms Up

Beat the winter blues from the comfort and safety of your home.

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This article was published on December 1st, 2020

Winter is coming. Cold, wet, and frosty. There’s also the pandemic that won’t let up. While recently announced vaccines seem promising, a valley of unknowns exists between now and when you get the jab. Put another way, until that happens, take great care of yourself. 

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride year. We’ve hung onto dear life; sanity took a beating. One report by the American Psychological Society puts the general stress levels at almost six on a scale of 0-10, with ten being overly stressed.

As you reflect on the year and plan, and it’s also time for some self-care. Unbridled chill and relaxation from the comfort and safety of your home. How do you do that? Bottoms up!

Chill season

Unlike other winters, this one might feel a whole lot different. For one, you may spend more time indoors because of the global health pandemic. Health experts also warn of a double whammy when COVID-19 meets the flu

Luckily for you, you don’t even have to go out to relax, sleep better, rejuvenate or even, improve your sex life. Bottoms Up takes care of that.

Before you ask, Bottoms Up is one of the hottest Canadian-based companies focused on health and wellness products to enhance sleep, boost happiness, relieve pain, and light up your sex life. Their products are cannabis-infused to give you that extra dose of relaxation.

Studies have shown that cannabis has other health benefits well beyond relaxation.

The benefits of cannabis

Cannabis has particular health and recreational benefits. Cannabinoids, one of the chemical components in weed, provides relief from chronic pain.

The most significant benefit is the feeling of relaxation that comes with using cannabis-related products. For instance, it’s commonly used to alleviate anxiety and bring calm to users. After the strange year we’ve had, peace and calm is a great way to end off 2020.

Cannabis-based products have also been used to offer relief to users with inflammatory bowel diseases. THC & cannabidiol, the main chemical components in pot, help ward off bacteria and compounds that cause intestinal inflammation, restoring and improving your gut’s health.

Cannabis can also help improve sleep by providing deeper relaxation. As with all things, moderation remains key.

Tender loving care with Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up has something to keep you healthy, relaxed, and inspired every moment of the day.

Inspire your mornings through their selection of specialty teas, handcrafted for a smooth, refreshing taste. There is also an evening tea mix to help you relax and unwind after a long day. It just might put you straight to sleep.

After a long day, draw a hot bath and throw in a fizzy bath bomb. Fragrant and colorful, the fizzies offer the soothing pleasure of traditional bath bombs, but the addition of cannabis will give you a deep-down relaxation and muscle relief you need to get the best night sleep. 

There’s a whole lot more, including the Bottoms Up signature muscle and joint pain relief rollers containing natural extracts for the ultimate pain-relieving experience. Roll it over the area where you are experiencing pain and feel almost instant relaxation. 

Want to take your sex life to a new level? Try the RHR, an infused oil that you can rub anywhere on your body for a relaxing experience. Apply some on your dick to increase arousal and blood flow or use it on the nipples or butt to increase sensitivity. RHR oils are safe to eat, opening up exciting avenues for exploration. You can apply it anywhere on your body. Get creative with it.

Talking of sleep and the bedroom, Bottoms Up offers a sleek lubricant known only as Motor Oil. Don’t let the name fool you. This is an infused personal lubricant with a silky and long-lasting effect, that will also help any bottom completely relax. Put another way: Your “motor” is bound to function at the optimal levels.

These are some of the essential items you need to help you relax. Make it a spa night with a soothing bath and tea. Alternatively, dial-up your sex life with infused lube to enhance pleasure or ease pain with rollers and creams.

Bottoms Up ships almost anywhere in the world in discreet packaging, without a complete list of ingredients, so your parcel doesn’t end up being cast-off by customs. Order your today at https://www.bottomsupaccessories.com

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