The 2020 HomoCulture Holigay Gay Gift Giving Guide

Perfect gift ideas for the special gay man in your life this Christmas holiday season

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This article was published on December 2nd, 2020

A good Christmas gift is a sure-fire route to a gay man’s heart. That special someone in your life deserves something equally unique. For the best gifts, choose something you’d also be happy to receive. Let it be practical, useful, and something your gay guy might want. We’ve combed the internet for such gifts. 

Here is our curated selection of awesome Christmas gift ideas for the gay man in 2020.

Personal items

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Every gay man needs a hairdryer in their lives because it gets the job done quickly and offers countless styling options. Are you looking to change up your hairdo over the holidays? Then consider the Dyson supersonic copper hairdryer with several accessories for that gorgeous look.


Moisturizers protect your face and skin from extremely harmful conditions such as extreme dryness and oiliness. Want to keep your face youthful and vibrant? Get yourself or the gay guy in your life a moisturizer for Christmas.

Electric toothbrush

A toothy smile wins the day every time. Those pearly whites need some tender loving care, and an electric toothbrush comes in handy in guaranteeing that perfect smile. Good dental care also reduces your trips to the dentist.

Selfie Ring Light

A selfie ring light evenly distributes light on your face for the perfect pic every time. Photography comes down to lighting. The selfie ring light reduces shadows, minimizes blemishes, and illuminates the eyes for a glamorous shot.

Bath Fizzies

Bath fizzies are the ultimate in relaxation. Stuck at home in cold winter weather, a hot, relaxing bath will bring a smile on your man’s face and offer a sense of relief and relaxation. Bath fizzies quickly dissolve in water, releasing a mixture of essential oils, moisturizer, scents, and colorants that leave your skin feeling youthful, soft, and supple. They hydrate your skin, giving you a soft glow. Bottoms Up offers bath fizzies with cannabis that will give you deep, soothing muscle relief.

Around the home

Feather duvet

Keep warm during the cold winter months with a lovely, warm feather duvet. It’s not only comforting and relaxing but also provides the perfect backdrop for some holiday cuddling and smashing.

Nest Cam

Protect your home with this small and smart security camera that comes with sharp audio, video, night vision, and smart platform integrations to alert you in case of any intrusions. With AI integrations, the Nest Cam makes the perfect gift for the gay guy looking to keep their homes safe during the holiday months, whether they are around or on vacation.

Mixing bowls

Baking is one of the most relaxing activities for gay guys during the holidays. Mixing bowls are particularly suited for mixing ingredients, and not just cake and cookie dough. Vegetable salads too. They come in different sizes for all occasions.

Bamboo utensils

Bamboo utensils make excellent tools in the kitchen. They don’t scratch your cooking surfaces, remain cool under heat, and possess antimicrobial properties. Since bamboo is renewable and bio-degradable, bamboo utensils make practical gifts for the environmentally-conscious gay guy.

Wireless speaker

Wireless speakers are incredibly versatile gadgets, which makes them perfect gifts for gay guys. You can take it with you just about anywhere from a hike, staycation, backyard party, or just chilling at home.



Masks have become mainstream in 2020 because of the COVID-19 global health pandemic. They offer one of the most effective ways of reducing the spread of the virus. They also remain a necessity until vaccines become widely available. However, just because you need to wear a mask doesn’t mean you have to stick with drab ones. Any gay man can use masks to spice their style and make a fashion statement, or any statement. HomoCulture face coverings are reusable and washable. These non-medical grade face coverings include a PM2.5 filter pocket.  Thank you for supporting HomoCulture and wearing our gear! Order your HomoCulture face mask now.


Shoes tell a lot about a man. A great pair of shoes is bound to put a huge smile on any gay man’s face. Moccasins fit the bill perfectly. They are simple and come in a variety of colors and styles. In fact, why not get your gay guy a wool-padded pair to keep their toes warm during the cold holiday months. They are cozy and pair well with just about any pair of trousers or shorts. More important, from a style perspective, they display your ankles. Help your guy step out in style.


Meggings have made a major comeback among gay men because they are practical. You can go straight from a workout straight to the club or work in these trendy leggings. Men’s leggings make great gifts for the gay man because they are comfortable and versatile. You can pick from a diverse selection from Kapow Meggings. With a vast array of colors, patterns, and prints, these meggings make any wardrobe pop. They are also pretty comfortable.

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Cardigans never go out of fashion. Case in point: Princess Diana’s famous black sheep sweater is making a come back after almost forty years. Talk about longevity. A nice-fitting cardigan looks great on any guy and keeps them warm during the long winter months.

Nomad tech accessories

Nomad iPhone cases are not only practical but useful to any gay guy with an iPhone or other mobile gadgets. If you’ve spent a fortune investing in a top-of-the-range phone, it only makes sense to protect it from cracking. Rest assured, your phone will take a few tumbles and turns during the Christmas holidays; Nomad phone cases and accessories may just help prevent the premature destruction of one of your most prized possessions. The company also features other brilliant products for all your tech needs, including leather watch straps, AirPods cases, wallets, etc.

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Need we say more. Underwear is one gift that keeps on giving. What’s more essential to a gay man’s wardrobe than the stuff that holds the precious packages? To make the perfect gift, choose an underwear pair that provides support, comfort and comes in an attractive style. Well, it’ll eventually come off, but that moment before it does should be like the drum roll before the final unveiling. Underwear comes in a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and styles. You have a lot to work with, from boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, jockstraps, thongs, boxer jocks, etc.

JJ Suspenders

T’is the season to dress up the holiday season with joy and a pair of elegant suspenders. Suspenders are both classic and timeless, and are making a huge comeback in men’s fashion. JJ Suspenders offer high quality fashion suspenders for all occasions, including leather, skinny, classic and formal, there are a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics for style.

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Board Games 

How to kill all that time indoors during the holiday season? Enter board games. For centuries, board games have kept people engaged. They are fun to play and, at times, teach some life lessons. The bottom line, however, fun. Any gay man will love the experience of spending a quality afternoon of an evening with a small group of friends playing board games. Check out the Games Adults Play to select among some of the best board games for gay guys. From murder mysteries and trivia games to board prison escape games, there’s something to help you get through the pandemic in the winter.

Wine glasses

Wine glasses never go out of style because, well, gays guys love their wine. A unique set will turn those dull winter evenings into romantic escapades, setting the mood for partying and celebration. Luckily, wine glasses come in a wide variety of styles to make any gay man smile. From elegant and whimsical glasses to novelty sets to partake in your fermented pleasure of choice, they make an inspired Christmas gift choice for the gay guy in your life.

Cocktail mixing glass

Make cocktails great again by gifting that gay guy in your life with a cocktail mixing glass. Cocktails make a great evening companion on any day but more especially during the holidays. A great cocktail will change your moods pretty fast and perhaps even warm you up during the frosty winter months. They are also an engaging way to spend quality time with friends discussing all and sundry. And it all starts with having a sturdy cocktail mixing glass. Give the special gay in your life one of these. Your life and theirs will never be the same again. Drink responsibly.

Whisky stones

Whiskey stones chill your drink without diluting it. They are made of solid soapstone that retains its temperature better than ice giving your holiday drinks a more sustained chill. Unlike, i.e., these stones are odorless and tasteless, thus chilling your drink without affecting the taste. Interestingly, these stones are softer than granite, meaning they won’t accidentally scratch your glass. With the festive holiday seasons ahead, the gift of whiskey stones should give your gay an easy way to keep their favorite bourbon chill without messing with the taste.

Bedroom fun

Fleshjack Stamina training pack 

Any guy will love the Fleshjack Up All Night Stamina Training Unit Butt Pack for unforgettable nights (and days) during the holiday season. Beat the winter blues (and your meat) while practicing to overcome premature ejaculation. It’s a great way to get some sexual satisfaction safely at home. You gay guy will forever sing your praises for keeping his “Me Time” front and center.  

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myONE condoms and Lube

Let’s face it, you or that gay guy in your life will probably be smashing during the holidays—also the reason why condoms and lube make the best Christmas gift for gay guys. Used properly, they can help prevent STIs while enhancing sexual pleasure. myONE Condoms offers a line of condoms that fit every dick size. These condoms come in up to 60 sizes with ten lengths and several varying girths.

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LELO Cock ring & Lelo Loki Wave

What’s small, vibrates, and fires up a gay man’s sex life? A cock ring. Well, other things fit the bill, too, but we’re in the market for the holy grail of gay gifts. Made of smooth silicone and a flexible design to fit all dick sizes, the LELO cock ring delivers the punch. Also consider the LELO Loki Wave, a scintillating prostate massager designed to hit all the right spots.

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Aneros prostate massager

Butts deserve some tender loving love, especially over the coming holidays when you’re stuck at home with nothing better to do. Dial-up your sexual pleasure with the Aneros prostate massager. It unleashes the power of the prostate with mind-shattering anal orgasms. Most gay guys will love the feeling of something up their butt, touching all the right spots and sending shockwaves through your body. Plus, it’s safe, convenient. You can use it just about anywhere, including your morning or evening walk.

Leather harness 

Leather harnesses have come a long way from the 40’s gay ghettos of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, where gay guys used them to distinguish themselves. Today, gay men have embraced harnesses as a fashion statement, wearing them at circuit parties, Pride events, like Halloween costumes, the dance floor, after-hour parties, and just about anywhere they take their shirts off. A good quality harness always makes and excellent gifts for gay guys.

Personal lubricant

Gun oil is a silicone-based lubricant that’s both a condom and sex-toy friendly. It’s paraben and glycerin-free making it last longer than regular lubricants. Gun oil also comes in other flavors, such as water-based and hybrid gel lubricants. Whichever way you slice it, lube is one of the most appropriate gifts for that special gay guy in your life. One way or another, the action is bound to happen during the long wintery holiday months.

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Bathmate HydroMax Pump

For men that want to stay at peak performance in the bedroom, accept no substitutes or imitators! The Bathmate HydroMax is the clear answer to your sexual desires that provides more pressure, more comfort, and is the ultimate penis pump. Bathmate HydroMax has earned its deserved place at the top of the market. Since launching, over one million men have purchased the Bathmate penis pump products and they Bathmate HydroMax continues to earn top marks worldwide. 

Click the link here to buy now and give the gift of pump this holiday season!

More Great Ideas

Love Good Fats

For the health-conscious guy on your list who will be working out before, during, and after the holiday season, counting all the calories, the gift of good protein will go a long way. Canadian founded and lesbian owned, Love Good Fats’ is proudly transforming the lives of people through the power of eating food that is both delicious and nutritious. They offer a great range of bars that are made using only fresh, clean ingredients. 

Sunglasses For All The Seasons

Step out this season by giving a fresh pair of sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, accentuates any look, and make it easier to see on bright, sunny days. SmartBuyGlasses is Canada’s most trusted online eyewear retailer, and with one of the largest selections of styles, you are sure to find your perfect pair of glasses.

Electric Trimmer

Manscaping, formerly known as male grooming, is a process that nearly every man has gone through a few times, if not on a daily basis. Whether you want to be hairless or trim, what you remove and how you remove involves the rights tools as well as the right technique. A top-quality electric trimmer will win the heart of the gay man in your lift.

Music by LGBT Artists

The queer community is filled with many creative and talented folks. During the COVID-19 global health pandemic, many of these artists have had to innovate and find new ways to promote their music. Support these amazing LGBTQ+ musicians by giving the gift of their music.

We Want To Hear Your Ideas Too!

What gifts are you giving this year to the gay man or men in your life, and what gifts are you hoping to receive? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and help other HomoCulture readers with more great gay gift giving ideas!


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