COVID Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas during COVID-19 will have to be reconfigured this holiday season in order to gather safely with friends and family.

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This article was published on December 19th, 2020

The unfortunate news this year is that most of 2020 has been shut down, postponed or canceled. The 2020 holidays have now fallen into that bucket too. The good news is that there are still some ways that Christmas can be saved, providing you use a few suggestions from HomoCulture on how to maximize what you can do with friends and family members this year. 

Of course, we all have been adjusting our lives to this new normal that has descended upon us all during this global pandemic. Now with the holidays right around the corner and most of us still socially distancing at home, it is good to know that there are still some ways in which we can celebrate while at the same time respecting the restrictions that have been put in place. 

HomoCulture understands how important it is to be with loved ones and friends during the holidays, and so we have devised these ideas and guidelines to make 2020 festive no matter what the Miss Rona says!

Virtual Options

Hosting a Zoom Holiday Party

Everyone is now familiar with Zoom, but the holidays are the perfect opportunity to put a new spin on things with an interactive experience that involves a few vetted friends. Devise a few activities that everyone can participate in and then rotate them over the course of the night and ensure that everyone mingles with all the guests.

Suggested activities include art projects, wine tastings, trivia, bingo, magic shows, and more. A cute option is for each household to reveal their Christmas tree and to take a few minutes to show their favorite decorations, explaining the importance, significance, or memories they hold.

By the end of the night, a fun time will be had by all and you might even forget that you all could be possibly thousands of miles apart!

Holiday Themed Cocktail Party

Of course, you all are well aware of how HomoCulture knows a thing or two about drinking and mixing the perfect cocktail. Naturally we are inclined to suggest a themed cocktail party that involves some of the best spirits on shelves today. Attendees will make and bring one or more of the Stoli 12 Cocktails of Christmas to the virtual cocktail party. There can be prizes for best presentation, most variety made, and personal creative twist.

In-Person Options

Outdoor Winter Wonderland 

Gather up a bunch of friends and family members during the winter outside. Being outdoors is a safer option to avoid transmission of COVID-19, plus the group can bundle up and enjoy hot chocolate, tree lighting, and live music that will be sure to bring good holiday cheer to you and family members. 

Ice Sculpting

Encourage your friends and family to show off their creative side through ice and/or snow sculpting. Break into household teams and create a holiday-themed masterpiece that resonates and celebrates! Get extra creative by using pre-frozen blocks of coloured ice!

Scavenger Hunt

Try an outdoor race that takes you and guests across the city. Create a few group of participants and then host a scavenger hunt to collect gift items to donate. Make the game even more fun by upping the ante with people throwing in special prizes that are given to the first-place group. 

Mini-Holiday Party

Just because you cannot host a standard holiday party at your home, that doesn’t meant that the concept of a holiday party is out the door in 2020. Instead make your party this year a scaled down affair that consists of your favorite people. Depending on the size of your home, you may only have to decrease the size by a small portion, following local health guidelines. 

Better yet, host your gathering outside, because being outdoors is safer than indoors, in the backyard and serve up mulled wine to keep everyone warm. This small outdoor party is a great opportunity to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater theme – it’s fun and will help keep people warm.

Gift Exchange

Gather up a few friends or family members and take part in a small gift exchange. With the right gifts and spirits, you may not even realize that you all are participating in a miniature version of a gift exchange. This can easily be done outside at a park.

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Celebrate Christmas Safely

All of the above ideas are excellent ways in which you can tackle COVID-19 and still find a way to have fun during the holidays. Christmas parties are supposed to be fun and all of these ideas are great for respecting social distance regulations that are currently a fact of life while also spending time with loved ones.

During this unprecedented time, it is important to understand the Christmas will look differently this year, meaning you need to minimize our contacts, make safe choices, do not travel, and respect health guidelines. With these suggestions, there is no reason why your Christmas party traditions have to fall by the wayside this year. 

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