Happy Holidays and Happy New Year From HomoCulture To You!

Thank you for an amazing 2020 and we look forward to a brighter, more exciting, and enjoyable 2021.

HomoCulture Brian Webb

This article was published on December 24th, 2020

Not that we are not always thankful for the enduring support, but during the holiday season, at HomoCulture we always like to take a moment to shout out to all the amazing readers, fans, and followers that keep us motivated throughout the year. Although it has been a year filled with the unpredictable, unbelievable, and uncanny, one thing we have always been able to count on are our supporters to keep us eager to bring you the very best worldwide that’s important to the LGBTQ+ community. 

What’s ahead for 2021, you may ask? 

Well, we don’t have a crystal ball in front of us, but HomoCulture believes that the upcoming year is filled with many surprises and opportunities for the queer community that we cannot wait to see come into fruition. Even with COVID-19 still dominating the landscape, we urge you all to listen to the health professionals and do everything you can to remain safe and healthy so that you can live your best life yet in 2021. We just need to hold on a little bit longer – wearing a mask, washing hands, physically distancing, and staying in small groups, and avoiding large groups, night clubs, circuit parties, underground parties, and travel, until we are vaccinated, and we can be together, safely, again. 

We would not be here without the support of many amazing partners that we would like to bring attention to now – in particular Stoli, a brand that has been by our side for several years. By partnering with them, we have been able to bring you the latest and best information regarding gay culture in North America. So, as a way of saying thanks, we present to you the Stoli 12 Cocktails of Christmas that you can download today!

There were several landmarks passed in 2020, and in 2021, the LGBTQ+ must remain vigilant in order to preserve what we have fought so hard to attain. Every year since we launched, we have been able to present to you more engaging people in our community that are making waves across all forms of media and politics. As always, we continue to support the fight against HIV/AIDS, and HomoCulture will always be a messenger for the latest prevention tools that are available on the market. HomoCulture understands that the fight for true equality is closer than in the past, but is still a battle that we are geared up for. In 2021, we pledge to go bigger, better, faster, more for our community and hope to inspire you all to do the same!

Before we part and prepare ourselves for the upcoming year, we remind you to enjoy the holidays with friends and family members, remember to stay safe mentally and physically, and once again thanks for the continued support through your sharing, liking, commenting, RT’ing, and subscribing. 

This holiday season and through to the new year, we encourage you all to be mindful, be engaged, and be protective of your civil liberties.

HomoCulture hopes to see you all soon on the other side of the ball drop! Stay safe and healthy.

On behalf of the entire HomoCulture team, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Brian Webb
Owner and Editor-in-Chief

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