Adult Industry Branches Out with Inclusive Platforms For Gay Men of Color

The skin business gets a revamp that addresses its history of racism

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This article was published on February 20th, 2021

The adult film industry has a sordid and controversial history when it comes to race, particularly with gay men of color. Still today, there remains a stigma attached to minorities working in the field and their entry into the adult entertainment industry involves for more difficulties and typically far less compensation in comparison to their white counterparts. From the marketing of scenes to pay, an overdue discussion is taking place on how it has affected everyone involved and the need for a marketplace that includes adult content featuring gay men of color. 

The financial implications of racism are still prominent in porn and the industry has received a significant amount of criticism for playing up taboos for a quick profit. Across several decades, the sex industry has marketed racial fetishes that play up stereotypes or even worse – overt racism. In many instances, performers are financially incentivized to be featured in sex scenes that are expressly targeted towards a specific audience. 

Three years ago, the GayVN Awards were swathed in controversy when white performer Hugh Hunter was nominated in the ‘Best Ethnic Scene’ category. He denounced his nominations and caused a firestorm within the industry as those in front of and behind the camera brought the rampant racism to the forefront. Seen as a watershed moment, it opened up dialogue even more and today, the category has been removed amidst growing discussions through social media that are bringing on more diversity and inclusion.

Although the porn industry is still bereft with a lack of parity between white performers and minorities, there have been strides made that should be acknowledged. Noir Male formed a year after the GayVN controversy, and is one of the few studios that remains committed to supporting the performers that have been traditionally been underrepresented to ignored in the porn business. The studio has been well received for featuring gay men of color and their sexual desires and work closely with their performers as a true partnership. The current brand ambassador for Noir Male, Dillon Diaz, has recently announced his directorial debut that releases this March. When asked about his cooperation with Noir Male, Diaz responded:

“I strive to be the change that I want to see in the adult entertainment industry. To that end, I’m very excited to announce that I have written and directed my first project for Noir Male, a studio that I have had a long and nurturing relationship with. I will continue to appear in front of the camera creating hot content for my fans, but I am also looking forward to working behind the camera, directing projects celebrating the progress and sexuality of men of color.”

Mile High Media has been a leader in the adult industry for more than 30 years, and the Canadian company produces and distributes Noir Male, and a wide range of porn representing several genres. The vice president, Jon Blitt, discussed the direction of the company and Diaz’s role in the execution of the mission:

“Dillon Diaz has been integral to Noir Male’s popularity and success. We are excited for this new partnership. He brings fresh ideas and a welcome perspective to production that is crucial to the culture of the brand. We are pleased to offer him the opportunity to learn and grow as a writer and director. We are honored to have him as our first Brand Ambassador. He embodies our company ethos and all that we represent. Everyone behind the scenes at Noir Male is excited by Dillon and what he brings to the table.”

Expect Dillon Diaz to continue starring in, writing, and directing new scenes for the studio, while also becoming more involved in brand outreach. His authentic voice and unique perspective with the studio actively engages the Noir Male audience.

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