“Dance with Me”: Rediscovering love in a new single by J.R. Price ft. Tom Goss

J.R. Price and Tom Goss team up in this beautiful ballad about love, life, and relationships.

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This article was published on February 23rd, 2021

These two incredible voices coming together make for great listening. Indeed the song, “Dance with Me” highlights the power of dance in bringing couples together before life challenges break them apart.

According to J.R. Price, “The song chronicles that moment when a couple is fighting, and it doesn’t even make sense for them to stay together a second longer, but with a simple dance, they realize they can’t part because the attachment is too powerful.”

You know the feeling. You can’t stand your boyfriend or partner (most times), but you still can’t imagine living without him.

“All it takes is holding each other close, the sparks fly, and suddenly the problems disappear,” Price continues, adding, “If only love was actually that easy.”

Daydream – The album

“Dance with Me” is the fourth release from Price’s upcoming Daydream album. He says it was inspired and influenced by Meghan Trainor’s duets with Charlie Puth and John Legend.

In the album, Price explores the many challenges he faced growing up poor, with no friends and a family that never showed enough love. That upbringing left him feeling unworthy of love, emotions aptly captured in the album.

JRP explains that all songs in the upcoming album are a window into his younger self. A diary of sorts.

He says, “All of the songs are windows into very personal experiences, but I don’t tell them in a sad way. The album is mostly fun Top 40 ear candy that expresses how, even at my lowest points, I managed to hold on to the hope that this day would come when I can finally chase my dreams on my terms.”

Why “Daydream?”

Growing up, JRP had a tough childhood. With an emotionally unavailable workaholic father, an abusive mother, and two sisters: one, a drug addict and the other a judgemental sibling who grew increasingly distant when Price came out, he turned to food for comfort.

As a result, he grew larger, which caused suicidal thoughts, anorexia, binge eating and body dysmorphia.

He was diagnosed with hyper diabetes in 2020, and after being hospitalized for some time, he came to appreciate body positivity.

He says, “I found peace with my body. I have good days and bad days, but mostly I realize that it’s not about shape or size; it’s about owning your body how it is and really embracing it.  Nothing is more attractive or valuable than confidence in oneself.”

JRP has lost most of the excess weight through exercise and dieting. In “Dance with Me” and the entire Daydream album, he hopes to inspire the next generation and help others live through their difficult moments.

The Tom Goss connection

If you haven’t heard or watched the song “Bears” by Tom Goss, head over to Youtube now. Yes, like right now. It’s a refreshing look at most gay men’s body image issues and how to start appreciating everyone (including yourself) regardless of your body shape.

According to JRP, “Bears” changed his life forever when it came out. “Here was this video depicting plus-sized guys through a sexy lens, wearing swimsuits, exuding power. That video made me realize that I also could be a sex object. I could be someone’s fantasy without having to lose weight. There are guys out there that love my curves,” he says.

Indeed, the pair’s collaboration on “Dance with Me” is a dream come true for JRP.

Listen to “Dance with Me” 

“Dance with Me” is available on Apple MusicSpotify and all digital platforms. Watch it on Youtube here.

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