‘HELLRAISER’: The New Single & Music Video from Sashathem

A new single release from Sashathem's upcoming debut album, ‘Glass House’.

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This article was published on March 6th, 2021

Written as a coming out anthem, ‘Hellraiser’ is a jazz-infused single that defies all borders, boundaries, and the conventional – it is a raw and open audible to gender, sexuality, and being earnest with yourself and confronting a world that is not always accepting. Sashathem wrote the song as a way of coming out as non-binary to friends and the track has gone beyond their circle of friends to receive positive reviews since its release. The singer/songwriter/rapper brings all their skills to the table with this debut release, with many hailing the single as their best work to date. 

“I don’t give a fuck if I fit into your binary, I know I’m cute.”

–  ‘Hellraiser’
Photo Credit: Teddy Chipouras

With lyrics this unapologetic, it is easy to see how Sashathem has made a name in music. The single, co-produced with hip hop producer Agren and jazz musician Evan Amoroso, runs a fine line between celebrating identity while also questioning the dynamics of being queer and a creative being. ‘Hellraiser’ is the perfect single ahead of the Glass House as it sets the stage and the stakes for a non-traditional artist that is unabashed and unafraid to deliver positive affirmations while also tackling the gamut of emotions that confront humanity. 

Who Is Sashathem?

Currently based in from east Boston, Sashathem is a proud Appalachian, non-binary hip-hop artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer on a mission to change the status quo to include those left of center. Aside from musical ambitions, Sashathem also speaks out about several issues plaguing society today, including restorative justice, access to education, and harm reduction.

Photo Credit: Teddy Chipouras

The message in the music is clear – the path to true freedom is living out loud and authentically. By being comfortable in their own skin, Sashathem is bringing a new element to pop music that has rarely been seen until now. As a self-described teacher and lover of words, Sashathem is set to release an album that has effectively taken in all their musical influences to take listeners on a journey that crisscrosses genres with ease and without trepidation.

The release serves as an introspective trek that follows the artist coming to terms with acceptance, overcoming loss, and battling against self-destructive tendencies, all the while keeping the mood light enough with witty banter and beats that never let the listener down. 

Photo Credit: Teddy Chipouras

Sashathem is now on Twitter, Insta with music available to listen to on SpotifyBandCamp, and Soundcloud. Be on the lookout for Glass House as it drops soon.

Listen to ‘Hellraiser’ here

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