Dick Pic Art Series: One gay artist’s wacky solution to unsolicited nudes

How one gay is making waves in Miami beach tackling dick pics, one dick at a time.

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This article was published on March 20th, 2021

Dicks, dicks and more dicks. Welcome to the beautiful, colourful, and definitely wacky world of DePaul Vera – a young, talented, cool and hip Miami-based visual artist making waves with his delightfully ingenious take on gay life.

Brace yourself, boys. We are about to unpack some serious meat here.

What to do with all these dick pics?

You’ve either sent or received a dick pic in your lifetime. Not once, not twice, but severally. Woe unto you if you join dating apps, social media too. The deluge of meat pics is something you’re never prepared for. From the long, skinny and veiny weiners to the girthy, curved gut-rearrangers, they come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

For most people, getting dick pics is a complete turnoff. Ideally, you’re there to “connect” and “have decent ‘relationship’-worthy conversations” only to come face to face with the other side of the gay life.

Where most people see irritation and inconvenience, DePaul Vera saw inspiration and opportunity. His brilliant artist’s mind turned the problem into art. After receiving numerous pecker pics on Grindr (which he’s since quit) and learning that his female friends were also eyes-deep in schlong pics, Vera started a dick pic art series.

“People get fed up of being bombarded (with dick pics). So I said to them, bring me your unsolicited dick pics ya’ll, and I’ll make something out of them,” says Vera in a Pink Planet Youtube video as he opens a colourful series of business cards featuring penises in every imaginable shape and size.

However, Vera’s work isn’t just about glorified willies. A deeper look into his art series reveals his unique and bold take on critical themes for gay men ranging from body image and shame to racial injustice and discrimination, as evidenced in his inspiring collage series.

“I didn’t start making these collages until a week after the Charlottesville riots. Immediately I knew I had to make something about it,” he says.

The journey to unleashing dick pics

In many ways, DePaul’s eclectic work was shaped and inspired by his experiences growing up gay in a small Kentucky town surrounded by homophobia and racism. “The hardest part of growing up in Kentucky was having to hide parts of myself… and art was my escape,” he says.

He now calls Miami Beach home after short stints in Barcelona and Reno. Living in a colourful and vibrant city with its gay-friendly vibe has become a great source of inspiration for this young artist, making waves with his unique art. “After moving here, my slogan was: I never felt more belonged”! He quips.

Why do men send dick pics anyway?

Four in every 10 women have received an unsolicited dick pic, according to a 2018 YouGov poll. That number reaches stratospheric levels for gay men, especially those on dating apps and social media.

While the science is still thin, experts agree that varying reasons motivate different men at various points in their lives.

For some, sharing unsolicited dick pics raises their sexual excitement. Others just want validation because they are insecure about their bodies, especially in that Southern region.

However, sending unsolicited dick pics is a numbers game for some men. For every block and “eww, gross,” someone will respond in kind and spark a conversation, and even a hookup if everything works out.

How to handle unsolicited dick pics

While Mr. DePaul has found a genius way to deal with the ton of phallus pics he and his friends receive, what about you, dear reader? (Lawdy, Bridgerton is inescapable..*dramatic sigh*)

Well, several ways. Some more annoyingly (and weirdly effective) than others. Here’s a random list to pick from:

  • Block and report their pasty ass dicks (if you’re so inclined)
  • Critique them on their dick photos, touching on angles, lighting, photo composition, and the object itself. (Try a 0-10 rating for each category)
  • Send them an animal penis instead. The wackier, the better.
  • Send back an ugly dick pic from the internet to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Check out some of DePaul’s work here.

Let us know in the comment section below how you deal with unsolicited dick pics.

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