Camming: Webcam and TikTok duo PabloySebas turn heads with live “cruising” shows

Step into the riveting world of webcam adult performers and learn why the show must go on despite the pandemic.

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This article was published on April 20th, 2021

In the riveting world of camming, Pablo Español, 28, and Sebas Cambiano, 25, known by their handle, PabloySebas, are household stars.

An actual married couple, the duo lives in the Southernmost town in Europe. Despite winning several awards, including Best Cam4 performers of the year for 2020, the two remain grounded, doing what they do best – giving their viewers a cam show they’ll never forget.

Indeed, their live “cruising” shows are some of the most popular attracting quite an audience.

According to the pair in a recent interview, “Having the ability to offer illusion and fantasy of having sex in public places is something so many of us think about. Being able to bring our fans and viewers with us is extremely unique.”

The hot duo has built a compelling brand around their cam shows despite having no prior experience. They now perform exclusively with the most recognized camming platform, CAM4.

Lights. Camera. Action! (Watch out for passersby)

PabloySebas’s journey to adult webcam content creation has been equally riveting. The two met initially online, on TikTok. Within two years, they were happily married and started camming together in June of 2019.

Within just a few months, they amassed a loyal audience with such overwhelming support they became one of the most viewed shows on the platform. That further motivated the pair to produce more content, and the money rolled in tandem.

According to the couple, “We were able to earn money, which allowed us to work fewer hours, travel more, and gave us the ability to enjoy more free time.”

The work also has other advantages (beyond working from home or outdoors. “Working as webcam models has helped us trust ourselves.  We get to do what we like without caring about negative opinions and fortunately make many friends around the world due to our work.”

Their incredibly inventive shows have featured other adult performers in what the couple says excites their fans. “We love doing shows with people; it is a way to enjoy the show and have a good time. It is also something that our fans love.”

In case you’re wondering whether you can join, here are their general criteria: “We usually look for someone who without knowing is pleasant to the eye, does not have to have a particular physique; although what does really excite us is a manly and hairy man.”

They continue, “What is extremely important to us is that having a connection to that person comes first and foremost. The connection allows us to have an even great show.”

“Cruising” shows and the pandemic

The pandemic, especially the lockdowns, grounded most people. Locked at home, they turned to the internet to find companionship, entertainment and to connect.

For performers like PabloySebas used to performing outdoors sometimes, the switch was challenging. However, it was necessary given the traction they were getting from thirsty guys stuck at home.

The duo improvised by using the neighbour’s garden, different rooms in their home and anywhere else they could safely broadcast.

“Normally, our shows run for about an hour, but during the lockdowns, we frequently broadcasted our shows considerably longer,” the duo said during the interview. “Broadcasting longer allowed us to give more time to our followers. Familiar faces and voices to try and give them as much fun and happiness during this ‘new normal.”

How to get started camming

According to the pair who now performs exclusively with the popular cam platform, CAM4, consistency and quality are the most important attributes to succeed in the camming world.

“Be yourself,” they said, “Don’t try to imitate other creators, since everyone has their own personal style and approach with their shows. Being comfortable with and trusting the person or people you perform with is incredibly important.”

Having a good moderator during live cam shows also helps. According to them, “A moderator helps keep our room under control, advertising our social media and outside projects, helping coax viewers to send tips, and removing troublemakers from the room.”

Final thoughts

When life gives you lemons, make some goddamn lemonade and drink it outside in the sunshine. At least that’s what PabloySebas did when the pandemic hit and impacted their popular “cruising” cam shows.

During the pandemic, the adult webcam community saw a spike in the number of people jumping online. There has been a deep and immediate need to connect with others and consume content offering sex, entertainment, and the ability to build deeper connections.

In many ways, camming and the sexy performers there give us an escape from our day-to-day life. We get to live somewhat precariously through their shows and get a few ideas on how we can spice up our sex lives.

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