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RuPaul continues to expand his empire with the latest iteration of his hit platform, with Drag Race España set to debut!

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This article was published on May 4th, 2021

RuPaul’s empire continues to expand across the Atlantic and after winning Emmys for hosting duties the past few years, it only seems natural that RuPaul’s Drag Race España will soon premier as it searches for the next drag superstar. After the franchise achieved excellent ratings and runs for Drag Race UK and Drag Race Thailand, the Spanish version was announced in November 2020. 

Drag Race España is set to launch in the spring around the same time as Drag Race Down Under, and is expected to highlight Spanish culture and the entire country. HomoCulture breaks down the details and the divas set to make a splash as the series searches for Spain’s first drag superstar. 

Arantxa Castilla La Mancha

Inspired by All-Star winner Trixie Mattel, La Mancha was born in Badajoz, Spain but has made her name in Madrid. A mere 23 years old, Aranxta is known as a comedian and hosts her own podcast, Ohhhuh Yeah, on Spotify. Her stage name is a parody of Disney’s Miley Cyrus, with both last names taken from country regions that rhyme with their first name. 

Carmen Farala

Hailing from Sevilla, Spain, Farala also has made her name in the capital city, Madrid. With a last name that literally means ‘frills’, it should come as no surprise to viewers that Carmen is a flamenco aficionado. As part of the girl group Hermanas Farala, they have amassed over 50,000 views on YouTube

Dovima Nurmi

Catalonian bombshell Nurmi comes from Barcelona and is known as a stylist and fashion designer that pays homage to the 1950s model Dovima. With more than 25,000 followers on Instagram, expect to see some glam goth looks once the season drops. 

Drag Vulcano

Subtlety is not in this drag performer’s vocabulary, and the Las Palmas native is famous for big headpieces and androgynous makeup. Her claim to fame before the show was runner-up in Spain’s biggest drag contest, ‘Gala Drag Queen de Las Palmas’.

Hugáceo Crujiente

Originally from Valencia, Spain, Crujiente takes her stage name from Spongebob Squarepants, mixing his first name Hugo and combining it with the Spanish translation for Kruty Krab, Crustacio Crujiente. Expect glamour to the max with this contestant!


As the youngest contestant, Inti is also the only one not from Spain, hailing from Antwerp, Belgium. Despite this, the 20-year-old indigenous Bolivian named after the Incan sun god is known on the Spanish ballroom scene for her formidable dance moves.

Killer Queen

Make room for the Queen, Killer Queen! Advertised as the only essential worker of all the contestants, in her day job, KQ is on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hailing from Madrid, she took her name from the musical We Will Rock You

The Macarena

You may already know where this entertainer acquired her name, but the Cadiz native has more in store for viewers aside from the popular Los Del Río dance song. 

Pupi Poisson

Known for her drag routines since 2006, Poisson is considered one of the most experienced drag queens on the list, famous in the country for appearing on Got Talent España and for her showstopping routines throughout Madrid. 


Originally from Barcelona, Sagittatia may refer to herself under this star sign, but, is a Cancer with her Moon in Pisces. She took her name from season 10 winner Aquaria. 

Now that we have gone over the list, who do you predict will be the winner of the inaugural season? Let HomoCulture know down below!


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