Stoli Vodka Celebrates Pride 2021 with Harvey Milk Global Collector’s Edition Bottle

Pride 2021 is back with a banger of a drink with this latest release!

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This article was published on May 19th, 2021

The partnership between Stoli Vodka and The Harvey Milk Foundation continues with the launch of the limited edition stock Stoli Harvey Milk Global Collector’s Edition Bottle. The new bottle features art from Paraguayan artist Oz Montania and is destined to become a collector classic.

The collaboration should come as no surprise to those that have followed the brand from its onset, and their work with The Harvey Milk Foundation began with the launch of their inaugural Harvey Milk Bottle in 2018 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Milk becoming the first openly gay elected official in California in 1978. After the success of the first campaign in 2018, it was a no-brainer to release this latest edition, with the Oz Montania bottled individually numbered and with Stolichnaya made-in-Latvia premium vodka. The Harvey Milk Foundation Education Director and Counsel, Miriam Richter released a statement on this latest release:

“The Harvey Milk Foundation is excited to see our long-term partnership with Stoli Vodka go global this year. The 2021 HMF/Stoli collaboration is a message to people all over the globe that visibility is vital, and that hope cannot be silenced, not just LGBTQ+ people, but for ALL people.”

The Harvey Milk Foundation is active year-round in empowering and supporting LGBTQ+ voices and communities worldwide. Established by the nephew of Harvey Milk, Stuart Milk, and his campaign manager, Anne Kronenberg, the foundation’s mission is to work for a diverse and liberated world where everyone has the freedom to realize their authentic selves. Their partnership with Stoli has been well documented and the Global LGBTQ+ Ambassador for the brand, Patrik Gallineaux, issued a statement on the company’s directive under the partnership:

“Harvey Milk’s legacy and spirit and the Harvey Milk Foundation’s unparalleled work around the globe transcend borders and uplift Stoli’s promise to liberate authentic voices in pursuit of a better world.”

The past year has been unprecedented for everyone, and there have been new challenges that have affected in-person Pride celebrations worldwide. Despite these obstacles, new paths to staying interconnected have evolved in an effort to put the pandemic behind us to find new ways to commemorate Pride.

Historically, Pride has been a platform for the LGBTQ+ community to unite with allies, and this year, Stoli has kept up the mission with the release of their commemorative limited edition bottle that will be available across the globe. The HMF/Stoli partnership is a reminder that the spirit of Pride remains strong and even with virtual gatherings, there is a concerted effort to make the best of these trying times. Paraguayan street artist Oz Montania’s art evokes the power and political might of the movement and is a testament to the legacy of the struggle for equal rights. According to the muralist Montania:

“Creating the art for the second Harvey Milk commemorative bottle with Stoli is an honor and a privilege for me. With this global launch we will be able to highlight Harvey Milk’s life’s work that has inspired countless organizations and individuals to this day around the world. The image is taken from the 1978 Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, where Harvey Milk and other marchers held signs protesting the Briggs Initiative – a state proposition that would have made it mandatory for school boards to fire openly gay and lesbian teachers. Using those iconic reference images, I re-imagined a contemporary crowd in the background, depicting Harvey Milk’s leadership legacy that continues to this day. This work serves to honor the legacy of an exceptional human being.”

“Hope Will Never Be Silent” is a famous quote by Harvey Milk, and it will be featured on the artwork for the Stolichnaya vodka bottle. As a long supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, Stoli continues to remain committed to equality and diversity for the group since the 1990s. The partnership stressed the importance of understanding and respecting the LGBTQ+ history and elevating their voices to a global audience.  

The new bottle launched on May 22 in time for Harvey Milk Day. The Stoli Harvey Milk Global Collector’s Edition bottle is available at leading spirit retailers across the United States. 

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