10 ways to celebrate Pride in 2021

There's hope that Pride parades and events will come back, and as we wait and hope, here are some safe ways to celebrate Pride in 2021

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This article was published on May 25th, 2021

It has been well over one year since the COVID-19 struck the world. For the queer community, the pandemic put a stop to just about everything, including popular summertime Pride events.

The situation is slightly different this year. While some events remain cancelled due to “health and safety concerns,” there are hopes that as people get vaccinated and countries reopen, Pride events will make a comeback.

While vaccines are being administered, we can’t let down our guard. This isn’t yet the year for massive celebrations and crowded events. It is also not one to attend circuit parties and nightclubs. Many events will be like last year – virtual and small outdoor activities. 

Here are ten ways to celebrate Pride 2021 with your friends:

1. Host a backyard or beach barbeque

Is it even Pride month without hosting family and friends for a BBQ under the hot summer sun? Times have changed, though (for obvious reasons), but that should not deter you from hosting an outdoor beach or backyard BBQ, albeit within your social bubble. 

You can still enjoy a low-key BBQ grill with a couple of close friends while observing the COVID-19 safety measures. Perhaps a slightly bigger gathering if you’re all vaccinated.

2. Dress up

Celebrate your Pride and show your support for the community by simply dressing up in Pride-themed clothing.  It doesn’t have to be rainbows and unicorns. You can pick other colour (s) that suit you best.  

Likewise, you can wear Pride on your sleeve, be it a rainbow headband or rainbow bracelet. Whatever the case, express your identity and wear your Pride out loud!

3. Pride decoration 

What better way to express the Pride spirit at home than decorating using Pride-themed home décor? There are tons of ways to brighten your living room with Pride gear. 

For instance, put up rainbow flags at the front of your door and windows, or, better still, make personalized yard signs to show your support for Pride month.

4. Support local drag shows (and tip them!)

Recent lockdown restrictions have dealt a big blow to drag kings and queens, with many struggling to make ends meet due to a lack of drag performances. 

This has seen them shift to social media to entertain fans. Showing your support to these queens by watching their shows online as they work it out, like how they do it on stage is one of the best ways you can celebrate Pride 2021. 

Don’t forget to tip them (big), through their preferred channels.

5. Donate to LGBTQ+ organizations 

Celebrating Pride means supporting causes that fight for the advancement of LGBTQ+ rights. 

Donating to a worthy charity that supports the LGBTQ+ community is one way to go about it. Donations can be in the form of cash, food, time, goods, and knowledge. 

Choose an LGBTQ+ organization that works with issues close to your heart such as LGBTQ+ youth, LGBTQ+ families, transgender issues, human rights, equity & equality, etc.

Trevor Project LA Pride Parade 2018

6. Host a virtual movie marathon 

Now that most people are still stuck indoors, how about you ring up a few of your pals and host them for a virtual movie night. 

Queue up your favourite streaming site and explore what’s new in the world of queer cinema. For a head start, here are some of the new or returning shows you and your friends can binge-watch this summer.

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7. Support queer-owned businesses 

Just like many other businesses, queer-owned businesses have been affected by lockdown restrictions, with some permanently shutting down. 

Bars, restaurants and nightclubs have been struggling to stay afloat because of the absence of big gatherings. The LBTQ+ community is all about resilience and solidarity, and so your support to these businesses couldn’t come at a more critical point. 

Support LGBTQ-owned businesses by ordering their products and services online or sharing their social media handles. It’ll go a long way in keeping them operational for months to come.

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8. Buy a HomoCulture mask

Masks have become mainstream during the COVID era, and some people are going the extra mile by turning them into fashion statements. 

Who wants to stick with a drab mask anyway? Now, in the spirit of celebrating Pride, get yourself a HomoCulture face mask to complement your outfit. 

These non-medical grade face coverings include a PM2.5 filter pocket. They are also reusable and washable. Order your HomoCulture mask here to spice up and complement your style while staying safe. You’d also be helping us keep bringing you great content!

9. Get your Pride Box

Looking to bring the Pride party to your doorstep? Pride in a Box is all you need. This at-home Pride kit guarantees to deliver all the fun, joy, and unicorn love to your home. 

It contains unique Pride products that you can use to celebrate virtually with friends and family. Order your Pride Box at www.prideinabox.com, with an option for bulk pricing.

10. Make Stoli Pride Cocktails

The parties may be cancelled, but that does not stop the fun. There are plenty of activities you can do indoors to celebrate Pride 2021 and usher in the Pride party spirit. 

Trying your hand mixing cocktails is one of them The Stoli Pride Shots are a good example of cocktails to make during Pride month. These multi-layered rainbow shots are a fun and straightforward way to show the world that love is loveHere is a step-by-step guide on how to prepare it. 

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