Welcome to the Mother of Drag Competition Series, Call Me Mother

Get ready Canada, this fall an all-new drag competition series is coming to OUTtv, and it is going to showcase the true colors of our community and culture.

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This article was published on June 16th, 2021

Mama Ru has been channeling drag queen realness for the past decade, but now it’s time for a new catwalk. Canada’s latest drag competition series is coming this fall. “Call Me Mother” will be a three-house TV show, with each episode featuring the best of the best with drag performers Crystal, Peppermint, and Barbada as they compete for one crown to rule the ballroom. The ballroom is a significant part of our culture in which drag is rooted. 

In Drag Race fashion, these three drag mothers are tasked with mentoring their chosen family through challenges that test their creativity, wit, and charisma while crafting a drag persona from scratch. Call Me Mother highlights the journey of three prominent drag performers as they lead their house members in the competition.

It also emphasizes essential and less known issues related to being gay and a drag queen by highlighting the inclusivity of queer culture and exemplifying drag as an art form that promotes togetherness.

You will see how drag families are formed, the rich culture behind our community presented in a new light, and understand why drag is prominent in our oppressed community, creating the need for chosen family. Of course, drag Race fans will recognize that Dragula inspires the show’s title, but this series has more heart than you might expect. Call me a mother is exploring drag from perspectives we haven’t seen before on TV and injecting our culture into mainstream media.

Over the course of eight-weeks, three drag mothers will lead teams of drag daughters, sisters, and friends to create and live as a drag family for each week. The Drag Mothers will teach their group how to do makeup, facilitate catfights and choreograph diva dances. They’ll also have to deal with all of the everyday drama from living in close quarters with so many other queens, including picking teams, painting to the heavens, and showing that we are stronger together than alone.

The chosen Drag Mothers will then compete in a final elimination battle to earn their place on the show’s finale.

Drag Mothers are renowned drag performers from around the world. They include Peppermint, a formerly “sashayed away” queen from RuPaul’s drag race. Crystal a reigning queen from Canada who appeared on Drag Race UK, and Barbada, a fabulous queen from Canada who has yet to make her television debut but has promoted drag culture on YouTube through storytimes and interviews.

Be prepared to see some incredible transformations as both the contestants and their drag mothers start to craft their drag personas from scratch while competing to become the first “Child of Drag” and win a grand prize package of fifty thousand doll hairs.

This series is an exciting new take on the show you love, focusing on what comes after the runway and behind closed doors within our community and the struggles we face daily as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Through this new type of drag competition series, you will gain valuable insight into gay culture and its origins.

Peppermint is ecstatic to be voguing with the House of Dulcet, stating she is “particularly interested in exploring drag that doesn’t have as much mainstream representation.” Having worked in drag for nearly a decade, she is no stranger to the complexities and challenges that being a drag queen entails. 

Drag mother Crystal will be pushing through a well-known ceiling for our community with the House of Glass. The most exciting part of the show for Crystal is that Call Me Mother shows the gay community united in a common cause while outlining the oppression faced by society and families. has stated she “can’t wait for viewers to meet our gorgeous, adopted families.”

The beautiful gender-bending queen Barbados, who is not afraid to have a beard when called for, will be leading the House of Harmony to a concord. She is honored to be a part of Call Me Mother because “it doesn’t feel like a competition (although it is), but more like a big family.”

Call Me Mother is produced by Go Button Media and RedFlame TV. It will debut this fall, exclusively on OUTtv. This exciting show will finally show the true colors of our community and why we have developed a culture of inclusivity that has led to drag and the culture surrounding it. 

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