Molson-Coors Launches Refreshing Line-Up for Canada’s One/Two Dose Summer

Get ready for a delicious adventure in your mouth as we explore some of our favorite new thirst-quenchers!

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This article was published on June 26th, 2021

This summer, Canadians are enjoying a first-dose summer, which means plenty of time relaxing in the back yard, soaking in the sun at the beaches, exploring parks, enjoying barbeques, and going on camping adventures. While the sun shines down, and the mercury rising, Canadians can cool off with this fresh line-up of beverages, available at government and participating private liquor stores. Get ready for a delicious adventure in your mouth as we explore some of our favorite new thirst-quenchers!

Vizzy Hard Seltzer 

Vizzy, the first hard seltzer with acerola cherry, has signed Canada’s first-ever winner of Canada’s Drag Race in 2020, Queen Priyanka, as Community Impact Director. The pair are working with Queer Collective on their first order of business, the launch of the #Vizzybility Project – a brand new creative grant program that elevates the #Vizzybility of LGBTQ+ artists. Priyanka is based in Toronto and Los Angeles. She was born in Whitby, Ontario of Indo-Guyanese descent and studied at Niagara College.

“I know first-hand what it feels like to be under-represented and have my art not as easily supported as others,” says Priyanka. “As Vizzy’s Community Impact Director, we’re going to expose the fabulous talents of the LGBTQ+ artist community and I’m especially looking forward to working personally with the grant recipients to elevate and be proud of their art. I’ll be spreading that #Vizzybility and sipping that Vizzy like it’s my job, y’all.”

AriZona Hard Iced Tea

Iced tea lovers will be rejoicing this summer. Arizona Iced Tea has been a staple since the 90’s, but now it’s available in a hard format. AriZona Hard Iced Tea comes in many flavors including lemon, peach and green tea. They’re the perfect drink for when you need a break from the heat! 

Coors Seltzer

The perfect drink for those who love soda but don’t want to overfill their body with too many sugary calories. The Coors Seltzer has a light, refreshing taste that’s not overpowering, and it comes in six different flavors, including orange citrus, lemon-lime, pineapple ginger ale, and grapefruit seltzers. Together with Coors, you can make a positive environmental impact while having a good time as Coors cleans 500 gallons of water for every 12-pack purchased.

Coors Slice 

Coors Slice comes in watermelon limeade and raspberry citrus flavors that come with the refreshment of half your daily recommended vitamin C intake per can. This drink is an excellent alternative if you want something refreshing without all the hassle of concocting your cocktails. It’s also a fantastic option for a quick pre-brunch drink. 

Belgian Moon Honey Daze!

Belgian Moon Honey Daze! is a delicious drink for the summer. Refreshing and lightly sweetened with just enough honey to make it the right amount of tasty, this is a refreshing beverage that you’ll be wanting to enjoy all summer long. 

Molson-Coors is making Canada’s one/two dose summer more enjoyable with a fresh line-up of ready-to-go alcoholic beverages. It’s easy to toss a six-pack in a cooler-bag with some ice as you head out on your local adventures this summer. Please remember to drink responsibly.

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