Disco Queen Loleatta Holloway Partners with House of Pride to Release Queer Disco Art

With the June release of Queer Nation The Remixes, House of Pride and Loleatta Holloway take disco into the 21st century with sounds that resonate today.

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This article was published on July 7th, 2021

House of Pride is back and mixing up their song Queer Nation using samples from Loleatta Holloway, a disco diva underrepresented in her musical talent yet was frequently sampled in music throughout the 90s.

House of Pride is a collective that creates multi-disciplinary works that speak to potential self and collective transformation. Their work is rooted in the concept of love as resistance, two things for which the gay community should well understand as we face daily oppression. They are queer individuals committed to creating queer art for queers with fierce messages about equality, freedom of expression, peace, and love. 

They have live events and offer workshops for team events based around inclusivity and equality for all people in the LGBTQIA community. You can find many resources for our community on The House of Pride’s website. The House of Pride comprises five members FRIGID, Gartina J. (R.I.P.), Jackie Jet, Kiet Ha, Marta Marta, and Stephen LaReign Hues. They have committed to empowerment and liberation through house music’s performance reality, which they have achieved with their musical releases and live events. 

Loleatta Holloway was an American singer and disco artist. She was a pioneer of the disco era who achieved international fame with Love Sensation and Hit & Run. However, she is unfortunately not a household name like her peer Donna Summer.

The gay scene of the 1970s dance movement was immediately entranced with Holloway’s lyricism, singing about relationships in a defiant, accurate, and emotionally articulate way. She did not reach international fame until 1978 when she released Queen Of the Night. The album included a Norman Harris production as a 12″ mix of Catch Me On the Rebound, with lyrics of resounding emotional strength to fight against adversity. After two decades in obscurity, she returned to prominence when her 1979 recording Love Sensation again became popular, this time within U.K.’s underground dance scene. 

Both House of Pride and Loleatta Holloway are pioneers in their respective genres, helping shape the music we have come to love today. Loleatta had powerful vocals and showed them off in magnetic on-stage performances. She is one of the most sampled voices in pop music today, and she was a staple of underground club hits and house anthems throughout the 90s.

Along with this release of Queer Nation, House of Pride will be hosting the Ballroom Boudoir in Montreal’s Never Apart Center from July 8 to September 25, 2021. The House of Pride’s Ballroom Boudoir is an immersive installation designed for queer people who dance with family, friends, and lovers alike in mind. The Never Apart Centre will be transformed into an intimate space specially designed for dancing, where people can explore their physicality and enjoy music with the sounds of Leoletta Holloway.

Queer Nation The Remixes will be released with eight remixes, perfect for dancing the night away. The lead single on the album is FRIGID‘s original production of Queer Nation, which is sure to be a unique sonic experience due to years of influence of hip-hop and dubstep. The next track hails aspects of disco as a twenty-first-century party bop, edited to include Alain Vinet’s Afterhour remix, which includes sounds of the ’70s as he began discoing at the age of 12 at the local roller rink. Phoenix Lord‘s Rebirth mix elevates the song to 90s club status before it is reimagined as an electro-inspired new wave track in FRIGID in 1987 Remix. The 12″ Vocal Club Mix pays tribute to ballroom culture and the gay community by incorporating vogue elements. You can also hear the high-energy techno influences from Chicago-based Karsten Sollors, which features a narrative of musical rhythm and flowing emotion. The album ends spectacularly with an epic return of the cool cocktail hour Afternoon remix.

The album was released in June 2021, and you can stream it live on many platforms, including bandcamp.com, distrokid, apple music, Spotify, and Amazon. 

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