The ABCs of Role Play: The HomoCulture Introductory Guide

Doctor and patient. Master and slave. BDSM role play comes in an endless variety.

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This article was published on July 15th, 2021

Welcome to the world of BDSM! 

BDSM, the world of bondage and discipline, domination and submission, involves a wide range of sexual practices that involve acting out a certain scene or fantasy. From simple scenarios to sophisticated costumes, props, and settings, BDSM allows enthusiasts to engage in whatever gets them off without repercussions or judgment.

Since self-respecting member of the LGBTQ+ community should have to settle for heteronormative, WTF films for their introduction into the world of role-play (yes, Mr. Gray, we’re talking to you!), S&M, and the many dungeons and labyrinths it could potentially lead you down, HomoCulture has taken this timeout in our dungeon to introduce some fresh meat into the mix with the ground rules for the carnal. 

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Role-Play Scenarios

In a role-play setting, participants can act out any type of situation – the possibilities are limitless. Popular character scenarios include:

  • Doctor / Patient
  • Teacher / Student
  • Boss / Employee
  • Master / Slave
  • Client / Stripper
  • Handyman / Housewife
  • Photographer / Model
  • Coach / Athlete
  • Cop / Criminal
  • Adult / Baby
  • Human / Animal

Many BDSM devotees participate in gender play – where someone takes on the role of the opposite gender – or ‘rape’ fantasy – where someone pretends to be forced into an undesired sex act. These sessions incorporate elements of power exchange, sensations, and psychological games, and may be performed in a private or public location, with or without voyeurs. 

Role Play Scene Essentials

Whether you are a top, bottom, or switch, how a scene is set up for BDSM is essential if you want to get the most out of the experience. Consider BDSM a large stage and everyone is a character with a certain role to play. Heightening as many senses as you can during a role-playing session is one of the most engaging ways to feel the full effect of a particular scene. 


All scenes should be in areas where you feel safe and physically energized, and preferably in a private room with enough space to move around with ease. Sessions can be in homes or in a club as long as the energy and mood of everyone there is ideal. Play around with both options and decide what works best for you and your fellow participants. 


What you wear will have a huge impact on setting up the fantasy, and this is the one area where many participants get really imaginative. From silk and lace thongs, to mesh underwear, harnesseschastity belts, gag balls and more, role-play allows anyone to go from a strictly vanilla scene to a dark and decadent one within the span of a session. BDSM lives under a wide umbrella, and you may find yourself veering into newer, intriguing areas over time. 

The Bruiser Bulldog leather harness from The Stockroom

The Players in Role Play: Top or Bottom or Switch?

BDSM takes the words top and bottom to the next level. In the BDSM world, tops are the dominant players, the ones in charge of giving orders and possesses all the power. The bottom follows the commands and is ready to obey. The term ‘switch’ refers to someone in the BDSM that enjoys experimenting with both sides of the spectrum. And, once an event has ended, participants go back to their normal lives.

Role Play Safety

In BDSM interactions, participants have safety measures and words ready to ensure that no lines are crossed during role-play scenes. A ‘safe’ word is one agreed upon by all participants that can be said during a session if someone immediately wants an action to stop. Written contracts are also another option at parties where each person agrees to give their consent and identify any acts or scenes that are prohibited. In the BDSM community, trust and safety are two of the most important elements to take into consideration when entering a BDSM area. 

Be Creative, Explore, and Have Fun

The world of BDSM isn’t as daunting as many may think, and the key is to remember never to enter into a BDSM relationship that you are not 100% fully comfortable with. You make the rules, you control your sexual journey. Are you interested in getting your BDSM feet wet? What would your safe word be? Whisper at HomoCulture in the comments section below!

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