Popperbating: The best replacement for sex

Popperbating is great when you aren't in the mood for a hookup but want a great orgasm.

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This article was published on August 28th, 2021

Popperbating is the perfect solution when you need a wank, but don’t feel like getting hookup ready. The act of using poppers with stimuli that tell you how many sniffs and for how long can enhance solo sex. A quick look at your favorite porn site can give you the push you need to blow out all the stress from a long day. 

3, 2, 1 Hit – now the other nostril. Repeat twice, and you’ll be in heaven. 

Xvideos, Pornhub, and Twitter offer video tutorials that guide you to having the perfect wanking session. 

Hit – hit – hold – release. 

The purpose of these porn videos is to help us fully enjoy poppers’ effects on our bodies and reach celestial levels of enjoyment. When you participate in popperbating videos, you are no longer just a watcher. You become an active participant. For those with an active imagination, the possibilities are endless. Most of the videos you will find are produced by amateurs who are tired of seeing the same type of guy in every video they see. 

They have taken porn into their own hands, intending to increase your pleasure from the other side of their screens. You can find a variety of popperbater videos, and they have themes too. Masturbation, anal, fisting can all be found, and the videos range from beginner popper users to the most hardcore. 

The beginner videos have shorter whiffs of alkyl nitrite, while the advanced videos are meant for people who have been using poppers for some time. Usually, they start with a countdown, and then your instructor tells you how to maximize your pleasure. They indicate when to whiff the poppers, for how long, when to stroke your dick,  and release your breath, so the poppers’ effects wear off. 

Currently, you can find two kinds of popperbating videos, the first is simply popperbating, and the next is popper bater training. The first focuses on small hits to get off, while the latter is artistic by nature and provides greater sensation. The trainers time their videos so you can experience top poppers’ performance and pleasure. 

Popperbating experience

The experience is great for fantasies and offers loads of fetish videos you can choose from. Most directors make cuts exclusively for the gay community, but some variations are made for straight men. Hot! If you’re trying out with popperbating, you should adhere to the following rules to ensure you’re safe and fully satisfied with all that poppers have to offer. 

First, you need to remember that too much of anything can be bad. If you start to experience headaches or dizziness that lasts more than a minute, you need to take a break from the poppers. If you do too much for prolonged periods, your lips and fingernails could turn blue – but you won’t die. Take a break, and everything will be back to normal. We don’t advise continued or prolonged use. Don’t abuse the poppers, and you’ll have a great experience that is safe.

Some videos will leave you thinking you have less time to devote to your penis because of taking hits and inhaling the poppers. Try to follow the guides if you aren’t experiencing the previously mentioned effect of blue lips, shortness of breath, or prolonged dizziness. The creator intended for you to have an optimal pleasurable experience. Go with the flow, and you will have a great time. 

If you already enjoy poppers…

Popperbating is incredible for the intense orgasms it can produce and the visuals involved. Popperbating and popperbating training videos can make following the instructions much more stimulating. But, if you don’t want to, feel free to do what you desire – at the end of the day, it’s your junk and your business how you decide to fondle it. We just have one must-follow rule – enjoy it!

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