7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Breakup With Your Boyfriend

A breakup is hard to consider, but some signs indicate a relationship is nearing its end.

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This article was published on September 1st, 2021

Relationships are hard, and the fact that you clicked on this article means you aren’t sure if it is time to break up with your boyfriends. Whatever the reason is for feeling this way, we’ve got you covered. Be mindful that your relationship is your relationship. Nobody can definitively tell you it’s over. That is your decision to make on your terms. However, we can share what experts say are indicators that your relationship is going down the toilet quickly. 

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1. You don’t feel important.

If your boyfriend is making you feel like an unwelcome member of his group, then it might be a sign that he is over you. Don’t get feeling left out confused for someone busy. We have all had those days where it seems there is not enough time to take care of ourselves, let alone give another person our attention. However, if you continually feel left out and your partner isn’t making time for you, it might be time to say goodbye. 

2. You want to sleep with other people.

Your fantasies don’t end just because you get into a relationship. You can’t train your brain to think only your partner is attractive. Human instinct sways towards promiscuity. But if you find yourself thinking about sex with anyone but your partner, it might be time to say goodbye. 

3. They are too clingy

If you feel like your partner is too clingy, it could signify that they are love bombing you. Love bombing is a tactic used by narcissists or just people who are too clingy – but either way, it’s never cool for someone to try to control what you do or where you go. You should feel free to live your life in a relationship, and anyone who tries to interfere is probably not someone worth dating. 

4. You feel like you guys are on different pages.

If you consistently feel that the relationship is one-sided, it probably is. It’s normal for relationships to have their ups and downs. But feelings of meh towards a person’s head over heels for you can mean that the relationship was a no-go from the beginning. Perhaps that might not be the right person for you, or it could simply not be the best time for a relationship. So, if feelings don’t feel reciprocated, it could be time to part ways. 

5. You are bored

If you are bored no matter what you and your boyfriend do together, the relationship is stagnant. It might be a sign that there are greener pastures to find. Could you imagine being bored with someone for the rest of your life? Surely it’s better to move on. 

6. You rarely want to have sex.

If every thought of sex with your partner repulses you, then it’s a very bad sign. Something is missing if the pleasure of sex is gone because you don’t want to sleep with your partner, then the honeymoon phase has ended. All couples experience the honeymoon phase, and it’s the happy moments you share when you first start dating. 

7. You’d rather be around your friends than your boyfriend

If you secretly dread being around your boyfriend or actively avoid making time to be around them, move on. Another good indicator that the relationship is toxic is missing everything about your life before you were together. It’s common to miss your friends, but when you choose them over your partner all the time, there is a problem. 

It is important to remember that these are just recommendations about when to end a relationship. Just because you experience these sometimes doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel. When you start to experience these 24/7, you should begin to take the signs that the passion you once had may be dead. 

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