Guys Are Upping Their Style Game with These Fabulous New Leather Card Wallets by Nomad [CONTEST]

Nomad presents gorgeous leather wallet that allow you to stylishly carry just enough.

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This article was published on September 6th, 2021

For men that are looking to streamline their wallet situation, Nomad has just released options that considerably lighten the load while taking up far less space. Thanks to their minimalist design, the Nomad Card Wallet and Card Wallet Plus are a great investment for carrying around a man’s essentials in a fashionable and functional way.

The Details

Created using patented thermo-formed leather that develops a deep patina over time, they come in a couple of choices – Rustic Brown and Black Horween leather. Nomad boasts superb craftsmanship and men can expect reinforced seams through the leather and to be able to carry several cards as well as folded bills easily. 

Inside, the Card Wallet Plus is protected by a small cloth pouch, and has a quick access card slot that makes it even more convenient to remove a card as needed. Their elevated design also includes soft curves that speaks to their attention to detail when producing their leather goods. 

On the other side of the wallet is a card slot for quick, convenient access to credit cards, and the brand logo embossed into the leather. With two card slots above the logo, it’s possible to store up to 3 cards in each of the slots and still have a sleek wallet. All told, the Nomad Card Wallet Plus can hold up to 16 cards at capacity, or 12 cards and multiple folded bills. 

The Card Wallet is a sleek version, with slots on both slides for bills and cards. The slim version is perfect for minimalist presentation. It is ideal for sliding into a pocket, without creating a bulky bulge in trousers. It has one slot for your ID on the front, and two card slots on the back, with a pocket in the centre for additional cards, bills, and change.

The Verdict

The Nomad Card Wallet Plus is a beautiful wallet for men that are looking for a sleek, upscale version that lightens their load and allows them to carry their essentials in style. Minimalist men will probably veer towards the Card Wallet, with the Wallet Plus ideal for those that need a bit extra room. No matter which style you decide on, what you will receive is quality and a sound investment.


Tell us in the comment box below what is the most important fashion accessory in your wardrobe, and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a Nomad Card Wallet (an $89.99 value!).

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Friday, September 17, 2021. One random drawn winner will be notified on or before Monday, September 20, 2021. Read the complete contest rules.

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    The most important fashion accessory in your wardrobe is my watch. I don’t have many accessories, so it is not a large field of competitors, but my watch wins.