Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

For fall 2021, experimentation and re-invention are the name of the sartorial game!

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This article was published on September 12th, 2021

Re-interpretations are always a welcome feature in the fashion world and fall 2021 is already destined to be one of the most experimental seasons in recent memory. Whatever the impetus for the reinvention maybe, the one thing that the fashion forward have to look forward to are new ways to wear their favorite styles while incorporating a few new ones for an even more singular look. HomoCulture has culled the trends to give you the tea on what you might see on a concrete jungle near you and soon to be an addition to your wardrobe. 

Warm, Leather(ette)!

Sorry, PETA fans, but fall fashion always dictates a few quintessential pieces, and leather falls graciously into this category. This season, expect leather to come in several forms, but look out for leather duster jackets and uber-long coats that are giving us serious Fifth Element vibes. And don’t worry, PETA fans as there’s enough faux leather out there to satiate your personal tastes. 


For those that are looking to take a bit of color and bold designs from the summer into the fall, knit is where it’s at, coming in a slew of variations this season ranging from graphic designs, geometric patterns, and oversized silhouettes that can be paired with overcoats and turtlenecks for the complete autumn look. 

Code Red

The world’s most iconic brands this season dove deep into red on runways, with the color featured in several collections that ranged from streetwear apparel to bohemian chic pieces that are versatile for the fall and beyond. 

The Jacket Junction

Varsity jackets have typically been associated with athletes from football, baseball, and rugby teams at high school and universities, but the aesthetic has expanded to the streets according to the releases by many brands this upcoming fall. 

Beige Brigade

Just like with camo and safari prints, beige and brown hues are synonymous with the fall season and the variations of shades makes the color popular with everyone. Pair your beige with darker colors for a powerful look or match it from top to bottom for a great monochromatic effect. 

The Sweater Nation

Think above and beyond the conventional sweaters and consider the sweater vest, which in recent years has become an increasingly popular piece for men to incorporate into their wardrobes. A sleeveless sweater gives men that opportunity to keep a bit of the summer vibe while admitting that the seasons have officially changed. 

Branded Caps

The luxury hat trend continues to show no signs of letting up, with more brands releasing caps featuring their iconic logos as part of their streetwear collections. Beyond the bucket hat, logo caps add considerable street cred to a fall look and works across several seasons. 

Man Gowns

Man gowns? Mowns? Is HomoCulture adding vocabulary to the culture? 

Say it ain’t so!

The truth of the matter is that we are still living through a pandemic, and it has affected how we address more than we realize. Case in point?

Winter coats now include more fashion forward men embracing tailored dressing gowns that can be layered up or down depending on the situation and how daring you desire to be. Called by many the ultimate robe, a couture dressing gown represents elevated leisure and singularity all at once. 


Of course, the turtleneck makes the cut as one of the most quintessential pieces associated with the fall season. If you don’t own at least a couple of turtlenecks for you fall wardrobe, we seriously question what you are doing with your (sartorial) life. 

Pajama Power

Again, leading the glamorous life of leisure takes a dedicated effort, and that extends to what you wear. Pajamas have come a long way since your parents’ days, and the latest pajamas from brands have been streamlined for the house, the city, or on the beach. Go for darker hues for a classic look or live out loud in leopard prints inspired from the 60s.

Statement Tees

Shirts that convey a message work well in any season, and in the fall, convey an idea or feature a logo that tells it like it is or transmits a thought to the world in singular style. 

Beyond the Traditional Trench

Sure, you could remain with a traditional trench coat that makes for a timeless fashion statement, but this fall, consider the upgraded trench coast that has become one of the biggest trends of the season. Options include leather or checkered designs that make for an effective style statement. 


If you don’t know what a balaclava is, then consider this your introduction to the finer things in life. Its return has been whispered about for many years now, but the balaclava is officially back in a big way, with fall trends dictating the style hit concrete jungles worldwide. Trust us when we say this is a trend you want to latch on to!

You’re welcome!

Bag It!

For any season, a man bag is essential for everyday life, but in the fall, a mini bag is in order for all your necessities, and brands this season have released several styles to choose from. Trending looks include half-moon designs, classic leather totes, and messenger bags that are perfect long after the fall season ends. 

Embrace These Fashion Trends For Fall 2021

We’re not telling you what to wear, all we want you to do is wear it well, which styles are you ready to bring back out of your closet this fall? Which looks would you like to try out this season? Let HomoCulture know in the comments section below!


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