Bisexual Awareness Week

#BiWeek is an annual celebration of the bisexual community, from September 16-23, 2021

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This article was published on September 21st, 2021

For one week, the visibility of bisexual people that live under the LGBTQ+ umbrella will be recognized as part of the annual celebration under the Bisexual Awareness Week banner. Also known as #BiWeek, it serves as an extension of Celebrate Bisexuality Day which is held each year on September 23. Throughout #BiWeek, bisexual people and their allies disseminate information about the history of bi+ people, as well as the culture, and changing policies that affect the lives of those within the community. 

Bisexual+ people are more visible than ever before. 

Bisexual+ people have been a powerful component of the LGBTQ+ community for generations, with prominent positions locally, regionally, and nationally in organizations and campaigns that protect the rights of those living under the queer umbrella. Since the beginning of the fight for equality, bi+ people have worked beside their queer brethren to bring about change that has transformed the LGBTQ+ community for all.  

Bisexuals represent a large percentage of the LGBTQ+ community and use several self-identifying terms. 

Contrary to what many may believe, bisexuals are a large part of the community, representing approximately 40% of all LGBTQ+ people, according to many studies. During Bisexual Awareness Week, the platform seeks to recognize and advocate for their contributions throughout history. 

There are many terms used to classify those that identify as bisexual. Some of the words include the commonly used ‘bisexual’, with many others opting to use other terms, including ‘pansexual’, ‘polysexual’, ‘omnisexual’, ‘gender fluid’, ‘queer’, and many more.

Bisexual+ Awareness Week was initially launched through a cooperation with GLAAD.

Co-founded by the advocacy group, Bisexual+ Awareness Week began with the assistance of GLAAD to bring more visibility and exposure to people that identify as bi+, no matter which labels they use that fall under the ‘B’ in the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years, the week has gained even more prominence by providing a larger platform for those ‘in the life’ to speak about their experiences, thereby celebrating the resilience and strength of the bisexual+ community. 

The Bisexual+ community has their own version of the Pride flag.

Designed by a team led by Michael Page in 1998, the bisexual flag is now widely known and recognized for its distinctive horizontal stripes that are in three colors from top to bottom: pink, purple, and blue. Pride celebations worldwide now have incorporated it into campaigns and it is a unifying force for those in the LGBTQ+ community. 

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia

There are many ways for people to celebrate Bi Visibility Day

Throughout the week, there will be workshops, discussions, and conference globally that will address and highlight the history of the bisexual community and the culture for a wider audience. LGBTQ+ organizations conduct education programs that are designed to inform the public about the continuing fight for the rights of bisexual people. Through their actions, local and national representatives must consider the most important issues facing the bisexual people as part of policy. 

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