The Best Sex Toys For The Best Queers

The best five sex toys for queer people and a surprise waiting for you inside!

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This article was published on November 6th, 2021

Sex toys are inclusive and made for everyone. Nonetheless, gay sex culture is a thing. Most sex toys will appeal to more gay and bi me than heterosexual guys. Since we are more likely to buy an extra-large dildo to stretch us out or the Aneros to make us quiver with prostate massages, here are the best sex toys for gay and bisexual men. We will move towards our favorites, so stay reading until the end!

The Fleshjack

No doubt this would be at the top of our list. Fleshjack is the most iconic toy you need when you want to get off but can’t find a partner. You can get the Fleshjack in two models, a mouth or a tight little butthole. Both of these options are excellent for spicing up your time in the bedroom or using at home alone. You can easily slide this between your mattress and box spring, whiff your poppers, and pound away as if you were inside of someone. You can even get models of some of the best models on the internet’s mouths and holes. Inside of the Fleshjack, you can choose the sensation you want to feel.

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Aneros Vibrating Prostate Massager

Aneros prostate massagers are high-end prostate massagers. Upon insertion, it will give you good vibes that lead to an unbeatable sensation. Aneros prostate massagers are anatomically designed to fit inside your anal cavity and press against your prostate. You can choose from a variety of sizes that can take you to a whole new level of excitement. The high-quality medical-grade material means it’s sturdy and easy to clean. If you’re into prostate play, these toys cannot be beaten. 

The Britney 

If you’re a gold star and want to experience sex with a woman, but you’re afraid of how it might end up, try Britney. This toy is a silicone replica of a woman with massive breasts, and it is perfect for those who have a fetish. It weighs 29lbs, so it is perfect for simulating the experience of sex with a woman – making it perfect for all you trans lovers. Give in to your desires and get the Britney. 

Bipolar Electro Pin Wheel

The pinwheel has points that tantalize your body and sensationalize your senses. As your partner rolls the spiked pinwheel over your skin, each spike will electrify your passion in the bedroom. The insulated handles keep you safe from the small shocks it produces. The sensation is unbelievable and can be used anywhere on the body below the neck. We recommend trying it out on the nipples or buttocks. 

Tenga Easy Beat

The Tenga Easy Beat is a disposable masturbator. You purchase them in packs of six, and it’s a small silicone egg you put your penis in. The super stretchy material means it can fit any size, and it comes in 6 different textures to choose from. You can opt for wavy, boxy, brush, tornado, sphere, or silky. Each is sure to give you a different sensation when you are having fun. You can add these in the bedroom and avoid the grapefruit technique. Have fun! 

Which toy is your favorite? Are you curious to try any of these out? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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