Go Balls Deep, With Balldo!

Ball fun has never been better with the Balldo by increasing the fun in the bedroom and keeping you safe.

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This article was published on November 13th, 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where there are too many holes and not enough poles? It’s common in our community for people to partake in group sex. It’s easy to see why, too. What’s not to love about being surrounded by various dicks and low hangers at every glance? Now imagine this, you are in a group setting, and you are presented with two beautiful men, both of whom you’re dying to give anal fulfillment. How can you make it work if you only have one dick?

If you’re like most guys, you’ll try some variation of getting your balls licked as you penetrate. Then, after a while, you’ll swap the two and repeat. It feels great, but do you know why? Playing with or having someone play with your testicles is incredibly pleasurable because the testicles have many nerve endings. It is a sweet spot for pleasure. 

Ball stimulation also has many health benefits, especially for erectile dysfunction or a soft boner. When you pull on the testicles, it can make your boner stronger and harder because it increases blood circulation in the groin area. Not to mention, if you want to ejaculate further and produce a bigger load, ball play can help. We have all seen the Pornhub videos where a guy can shoot a mile, and it is hot!

Another benefit of ball play is that you and your partner get to know your testicles. Regularly playing with your hangers can help you identify strange malformations that could be cancerous. Did you know that 6 of every 100,000 men develop testicular cancer at some point in their lifetime? Out of those six, over 70% of the people will be between 20 and 44 – your sexual prime. 

Now that we know we should not ignore our crown jewels, let’s jump back to the situation about group sex. What if there were a better way to include your sack of destiny into the mix that increases pleasure for everyone in the group? Cue the Balldo. The name comes from a dildo, and the creators wanted to help you take care of your boys while having the most fun possible.

The Balldo is an elastic device that you attach to your testicles with an elastic ring. It’s made from the best silicone on the market, and the inner core has stiff rods that make it firm and prevent collapsing as you’re literally “balls deep.” The rods are also rigid enough to withstand your thrusting. The upper part has elastic plastic for easily sliding your balls into it. 

Once you have the Balldo applied, you don’t have to choose which bottom you want to pleasure first. You can put your penis in one guy while your balls are in the other. Your pleasure will be increased because of nerve endings, and your group sex is heightened. Not into group sex? The Balldo can still help because the ball stimulation can increase blood flow to your penis. So, it can help you get an erection that is harder.

The Balldo can also increase your pleasure. Did you know that the balls have nearly as many nerve endings as the vulva? The Balldo includes your balls in the fun!  If you’re a bottom, there are also major benefits of using the Balldo. You can receive as you masturbate and have your balls inside another guy. The sensation could lead to having a ballgasm – an orgasm produced by stimulating your balls. 

If you’re into fisting, the Balldo is a must-have. It is, after all, the first and only device that turns your balls into a dildo. You can now have a penis and a pair of balls in you at the same time. Your giver will love the extra sensation, and you will love feeling your insides filled with two types of man meat. There’s no reason to ignore your testicles any longer. Using the Balldo will keep you safe and spice up your sex life by bringing your imagination into play. We thought of three different ways to use the Balldo for an amazing night of fun in the bedroom. When you wear the Balldo your balls are positioned perfectly behind a penis like head made from durable silicon, so you can easily penetrate and create an unforgettable sex experience. 

How will you use it to have more fun? Will you use it to stretch your balls? If you want to stretch them, or if you have low hangers, add a spacer or two – they’re included. If you need extras, you can get them online from the Balldo website.  Ladies and straight men, the Balldo is also great for you too. It works with any sexuality.

Order your Balldo today for just $69.00 USD.

We’d love to know how inventive you can get with the Balldo – so let us know in the comments section below.

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One thought on “Go Balls Deep, With Balldo!

  1. VH (they/them)

    I’ve tried it once so far and it was slightly tough to get on (the silicone is very resistant to stretching, but you *can* stretch it enough if you use all your strength–and make sure you lube it up first so it doesn’t pinch skin), but it feels pretty good good to wear (the ambient ball tug/weight feeling is nice), but it was too difficult for me to penetrate anally with it. It seems not rigid enough to work well with a very tight hole; I doubt it was made with anal in mind, which is unfortunate. My partner has an impossibly tight hole that doesn’t seem to want to get looser no matter what we try though, so that’s probably influencing my experience a lot. I really want to use it though because I like ball compression and ballplay in general quite a lot. He doesn’t want to try using it on himself to penetrate me though because he’s squeamish about his balls being tugged/squished 🙁