Fleshlight Air: The Fastest and Most Effective Way to Dry Your Fleshjack

The new and revolutionary Fleshlight Air will make clean-up of your Fleshlight and Fleshjack faster – now clean-up is a breeze.

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This article was published on November 23rd, 2021

Fleshlight and Fleshjack are the top-selling sex toys in the world. They are incredibly lifelike and have a feeling of the real thing. There are a variety of models, from travel size and stamina training, to popular adult models, like Cade Maddox and Cody Cummings, to clear and bold colors. Each Fleshjack can help revolutionize the way you masturbate solo or with a partner. If you have used a Fleshlight or Fleshjack, you probably know that the clean-up and drying process can be cumbersome, until now. 

It’s incredibly important to take care of your Fleshlight and Fleshjack after every use. First, take apart the case and remove the inner sleeve. Fill a sink with warm water and add either Fleshwash or mild soap. Thoroughly wash each piece and rise with clean, warm water. 

The biggest issue with the cleaning process is drying. If you dry it with a towel, it will get all fuzzy. The best result is to let it air dry. This typically means to leave it on the counter for hours and hours. If you live alone, leaving it out may not be a big deal, unless you have company coming over. If you live with others, it can be embarrassing and be a higher risk of collecting fuzzballs. 

If you put your Fleshlight or Fleshjack away wet, the toy can get damaged and breakdown, or worst-case, it can smell really bad. 

In any event, we can all agree, that up until now, cleaning a Fleshlight or Fleshjack can be a cumbersome process, and potentially leading to it being used less often. Cleaning your Fleshlight or Fleshjack product isn’t hard and certainly not a big deal. 

The new Fleshlight Air making cleaning up a breeze! After you have washed your Fleshlight or Fleshjack, simply re-assemble the case and insert the sleeve, and then place it on the drying unit. The unit comes with different connectors, allowing you to dry the traditional Fleshlight and Fleshjack units, along with adapters for the Go, QuickShot, and Flight models. 

The Fleshlight Air is a USB-powered unit designed specifically to air dry your Fleshlight and Fleshjack toys with a fan. It dramatically decreases drying time and keeps the sleeve in optimal condition, protecting your investment. It also means you don’t need to leave the sleeve drying on the counter, for all eyes to see. 

Fleshlight Air: The Fastest and Most Effective Way to Dry Your Fleshjack

Air drying your Fleshlight and Fleshjack is super important, because it is key to keeping it in its best condition, reduce odors, and gives it the most realistic feel. 

Once it is dry, it is super important to put renewing powder on the sleeve. This will make it feel soft and most realistic, and ensure that it doesn’t attract lint, dust and other fuzzies. It will look fresh and ready to go. 

If you are a multi-time masturbator and enjoy jerking off multiple times a day – you need the Fleshlight Air. When you use the Fleshlight Air, you don’t need to wait an entire day before you can use your Fleshlight or Fleshjack again. With the Fleshlight Air you can use your device within 15 minutes after cleaning it, meaning you get more bang for your buck and more pleasure for your penis. Pick yours up today and make cleaning your device a breeze. 

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