Pride Toronto Announces Collaboration with Global Black Pride for 2022

Pride Toronto announces collaboration with Global Black Pride and Blackness Yes to produce the first in-person and hybrid event in Toronto.

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This article was published on November 29th, 2021

Global Black Pride (GBP), the first Pride event in the world that brings together Black LGBTQI+ communities across all continents, will hold its first-ever physical programming in Ontario’s capital, Toronto, in 2022. This purpose of this global event is to celebrate Black culture and diversity, providing a safe space for activists and community-based organizations around the world to engage and reflect. 

Pride Toronto is honored to partner with GBP, Blackness Yes!, and community agencies and leaders for the first in-person event to the City of Toronto on July 28-31st, 2022. This additional programming will expand on the incredible work Blackness Yes! has been doing throughout the community for many years and brings additional attention to the experiences of the Black 2SLGBTQ+ community worldwide. The executive director of Pride Toronto, Sherwin Modeste, had this so say about the collaboration:

“Being the host city of the first in-person Global Black Pride is indeed an honor and we are looking forward to creating that global village where we can talk and play. I am truly looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Toronto in 2022.”

Founded in 2020 with the theme, ‘First-Ever Global Black Pride is a Riot’, the first event, held virtually, attracted over 7 million viewers worldwide. In June of 2021, the second GBP event received more than 10 million viewers with noted guest speakers, including the current President and First Lady of the United States, Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden.

Global Black Pride vice president Rikki Nathanson elaborated, “After having two virtual events, our team longed for the day when we would see our beautiful LGBTQI+ siblings basking and shining in their powerful Blackness in person. We are thrilled to be partnering with Pride Toronto and Blackness Yes! to bring our first-ever in-person Global Black Pride event to life in Toronto, Canada.”

How Blackness Yes! Works Within the Community

Blackness Yes! is a community-based collective that works year-round to celebrate Black queer and trans history, creativity and resistance with a 21-year history of the building and sustaining safe spaces for African, Black and Caribbean (ABC) LGBTQI+ communities through art, music, AIDS awareness, and outreach. Blackness Yes! has been organizing Blockobana, Toronto Black Pride for the past 11 years. In 2022, the collective has announced a collaboration with Global Black Pride on their annual Blockobana, the day music and arts festival where LGBTQI+ African, Black and Caribbean people celebrate culture free from homophobia, transphobia, and anti-black racism. Blackness Yes! will play a critical role in ensuring programming honors the historical context of Toronto’s Black community.

Recognizing the International Impact of Global Black Pride

Global Black Pride has the mission to serve as a global platform to celebrate all Black LGBTQI+ diversity and to build a global movement to fight for freedom, liberation, and justice for all Black LGBTQI+ communities across the globe. Gerald Garth, GBP Head of Events and Communications, states:

“Having events, programs, and activities that speak to the very rich diversity of what the Black experience looks like locally and globally is very important to Global Black Pride. We aim to have moments of celebration, but also of commemoration, calls to action, and centering the ongoing work for equity and justice for Black LGBTQI+ people across the globe. We are also committed to ensuring that Global Black Pride is accessible and available across the globe. As we build this global movement, we are also committed to an inclusive and wide-reaching movement that brings all Black LGBQTI+ experiences and equity to the forefront unapologetically.”

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